Tuesday 13 May 2014

Savage workbench update

Things are moving along nicely with the my new Savage Orc project. The first 14 Arrer Boyz are complete apart from basing and a quick blast of matt varnish. I'll probably leave the basing to be done as a batch once I reach the 500pt mark for the army.

Da Red Arrerz

That being the case a start has been made on my unit of Big Unz with extra hand weapons which you can see lurking in the background with skin tones complete. A hero shaman (Shaman Muranduh?) has photo-bombed as well.

Big Unz await a unit name. Da Bloo Toofs? Something else?

Once the Big Unz and the Shaman are complete that'll be the first 500pts knocked off. Not sure what's next on the workbench, maybe some Forest Gobbos or another unit of Arrer Boyz.



  1. Beautifully painted army!

  2. You've made great progress there old boy!

  3. "Shaman Muranduh"?

    And I thought MY puns were bad! Good thing the paint jobs are so damned good, or we'd have to consider revoking your blogging privileges!
    ; )
    How goes the quest for more recruits for the Great Green Army of Enzteef?

    1. Your puns ARE bad. Where do you think I get my inspiration?

      The search drags on. Half the problem is postage these days. It often ends up being more than the price of the item.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Scott. I love these. So much character and so little over-complication, unlike the current ranges.


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