Tuesday 28 January 2014

Adding to the Angelicus Mechanicus

First up a quick welcome to MIK and Dalauppror who help us edge ever closer to the 150 followers mark. Good to have you on board, I hope you find something of interest!

Secondly, stout chap that Loki is, he is running a giveaway on his blog to celebrate smashing the 100K barrier. Well done mate!

OK, here's the latest addition to my slowly expanding home-grown Space Marine chapter - a batch of eight Servitors and a unit of five Terminators. They've "done their time" on the Curt's painting challenge so I can duplicate them here.

First up we have another eight Servitors in the two chapter colours of red and green. I have absolutely no need for these chaps number-wise as I already had four complete. However, I love the models and wanted all sorts of weapon options so they've been painted anyway. I won't be adding any more now though. I hope... :-)

The second set of pics is a unit of Terminators. They're armed with all the usual goodness for shooting up all manner of nasties at both long and short range. We still play 4th edition hence the double heavy weapon load out.

I'm still working my way through a pile of ECW cavalry plus some more Space Marine stuff, hopefully to appear very soon.



  1. Some great looking stuff Millsy! I particularly like the serviators!

  2. Nice bit of work there!

    How many points is that now?

  3. Those are all superbly done, Michael. You've reminded me that I still would like to paint up a few Servitors. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks lads, much appreciated. Ev, that's 1173 so far. Nearly at my initial target so I'd best think of another...


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