Thursday 2 January 2014

Another Year Over...

What a year it's been!

The C&G blog is going great guns, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the estimable Mr Mills (may his tribe increase), who has been doing most of the heavy lifting around here, often in extremely difficult circumstances. And he's doing the Analogue Painting Challenge as well! An inspiration and an example to us all.

Of course, the greater part of the equation is our audience; the friends, followers and visitors whose comments and support give our efforts direction and meaning. Without you, we're really just scrapbooking.

We've grown apace in 2013, and look forward to sharing more adventures in the world of wargaming, painting and modelling in the year to come. And it speaks volumes about our hobby that I can use the term 'adventure' in conjunction with a pastime that keeps us indoors more often than not... and with a straight face too! Anyway, you understand what I'm getting at.

So Happy New Year to all, and Happy Hogmanay from the latest recruits to my SAGA Scots, the Levy (now with bows!).

They're maintaining unit coherency, at least until they hit the whisky.
A few finishing touches are still needed in the paint department, like brooches, strap ends and a coat of varnish, but that's 5 points of Scots painted to a playable standard. As you can see, I've gone for a more 'homespun' colour palette, in keeping with the less affluent nature of the unit.

I have four more Hearthguard to paint up, and then it'll be on to the next project, just as soon as I figure out what that might be.

Stay tuned!



  1. Nice work Ev and happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Tamsin, and Happy New Year to you!

      While I will never be able to approach your levels of workbench productivity (it'll be a while before I take part in a Painting Challenge, if ever), I'm quite pleased to have taken this lot to 95% complete over the course of an afternoon and evening. Of course, that probably means nothing more will be done for a fortnight...!

  2. Very nice set of archers...and happy new year!

    1. Merci beaucoup, Phil, et bonne année!

      Love your latest post, by the way! The animated gifs always put a smile on my face.

  3. Good looking lads Ev and once again, great minds paint alike! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Monty, these chappies had been languishing in undercoat hell for a few weeks now, and things have been so busy over the festive season that I'd had no chance to get a brush near them. So yesterday was the first real chance I'd had!

      Almost done, but I wanted them to a playable standard by today, since I plan to get in a game or two. All the very best to you and yours for the New Year!

  4. Thanks Andrew, frankly, so do I!

    I'm getting back into the swing of batch painting again after a rather hectic few months, and hope to get a bit of a reduction in the lead pile this year.

    Take care!

  5. Happy New Year and an excellent use of colour.

    1. Thanks Brendon, and all the best to you as well for 2014!

  6. > The C&G blog is going great guns
    Indeed it is!

    > thanks in no small part to the efforts of the estimable Mr Mills
    Why thank you sir!

    > may his tribe increase
    No thank you sir!

    > who has been doing most of the heavy lifting around here
    To be fair I do have a large amount of lead about the place

    > often in extremely difficult circumstances
    Is that a reference to my Scouse heritage? Or my complete lack of self control when confronted by shiny things? Something else?

    > And he's doing the Analogue Painting Challenge as well!
    True that.

    > An inspiration and an example to us all.
    Not unless you're desperately short of inspiration I'm afraid...

    I'm impressed Ev. One paragraph, so many questions to answer.


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