Thursday 2 January 2014

Birthday Claus is coming to town

Wednesday the 8th of January will mark the attainment of 44 years of age for yours truly. This is despite my predilection for an "extreme sport" which at my age is not the most sensible pastime for weekends, etc. Couple that with what can only be described as an annus horribilis in 2013 and there will be much to celebrate.

Normally the Seven Days of Millsy would commence on the day of said birthday. However, I was today blessed with an early gift in the form of my great mate Ev himself, genial disposition, birthday loot and SAGA Scots warband in tow.

We managed to knock off a cracking couple of games of SAGA, his wonderful Scots vs. my Anglo-Danes. The first game was The Escort which we've not played before. Ev and his Scots attempted to escort a herd of cattle and sheep through my wall of Anglo-Danish steel without success, despite the closeness of the result. The second game was a straight up Clash of Warlords which I again won at the death by killing his Warlord. No pics I'm afraid but you can check out our respective warbands here.

Those paying attention will have noticed I mentioned loot. Ev is a generous chap at the best of times but today he excelled himself. My table is currently groaning under the weight of a complete Perry Bros era Warhammer Empire Battalion(!), a selection of Dogs of War / Empire metals of Oldhammer vintage AND some new SAGA gear. Check this lot out...

To say I am a little overwhelmed would be an understatement. Ev you are both a gentleman and a scholar sir and I absolutely treasure days like today. The loot is a wonderful thing but it is merely the incing on the finest of cakes mate.

Finally, on a totally different topic a wee teaser on my current Painting Challenge efforts. This takes the form of a cautionary tale. If you EVER think you can paint...

1. Nice regular white borders
2. Over a black undercoat
3. Across compound curves
4. At 1:1200 scale


5. Retain your sanity

...then you need to go and have a bloody good look at yourself in the mirror. There's every chance your sanity, just like Elvis (who just happens to be born on 8-Jan as well!) has already LEFT THE BUILDING. You have been warned. 'Nuff said.



  1. What a generous friend you have in Ev, Michael. I am looking forward to seeing your paint up your classic Empire troops. Warm regards, Dean

  2. OK, the SAGA stuff is directly related to your birthday, but the rest of the haul is just because I have to downsize the lead-and-plastic pile and I know it's going to a good home!

    The timing is not a million miles removed from your participation in the Analogue Painting Challenge either, so if some of the loot makes an appearance on Curt's blog, I will be able to say that my work here is done!

    1. PS - and besides, it's more or less traditional for fat beardy blokes to bestow gifts at this time of year!
      ; )

  3. I love the fact you manage to stretch the birthday out for a week! Great start to the celebrations, what a haul.

    1. I originally submitted plans for a month but SWMBO knocked that on the head. We compromised on a week but I've somehow managed once again to start early ;-)

  4. An all week birthday! Whoo-peeee!

  5. Happy birthday mate... I feel oddly connected - my daughters birthday is also 8th of Jan, and I hit 44 this year too (March)... not sure what that means in the great scheme of things but I hope you have a great day! Well done on the hobby haul. :-)

    1. It's probably due to fact we're both ruggedly handsome chaps with an eye to extra storage when we finally become empty nesters.

  6. Since I'm behind on reading blogs I'll just wish you a happy birthday now. Very nice presents, I look forward to seeing them in action.


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