Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Space Marine Razorback

This little number is my entry for the vehicle round on the painting challenge. It's nothing special but it is complete and off my workbench :-). There are some amazing entries so head on over and check them out. Don't forget to cast a vote while you're there!

As my Space Marine force is a divergent chapter based on the Adeptus Mechanicus it was important to include some themed detailing to maintain cohesion across all the vehicles. Consequently she sports some metallic reinforced cog-themed armour and a nice big Mechanicus crest on one of the side doors.

The skull is an undead shield motif I had left over and the surrounding cogs cut from plasticard. I've made the top hatch / weapon mount removable so I can use her as either a Razorback or a straight Rhino.

I'm currently still working on more Space Marines and also a pile of ECW cavalry. Stay tuned...



  1. That's a rather nice looking green. Great job Millsy

  2. Are you allowed to use the term Space Marines in public ;)

    1. Probably not. I note some people have enormous disclaimers on their website regards copyrights. Hopefully I won't ever need one myself. If I do I think I won't be buying, painting, playing, etc their stuff any more.

  3. That looks great! I like the skull.

  4. Nice work, especially the Mechanicus insignia!


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