Friday 17 January 2014

Los Liones de Lustria - WFB Knights

This is the last of the units from my 500 point painting challenge mega-entry.

They're for my Dogs of War army and will be used independently or brigaded with another unit of five depending on how I want to play them I guess. I've named them Los Liones de Lustria in my deliberately bad Lustrian mock-Spanish. Translated into English it is something like The Lions of Lustria.

They're GW plastics from the Empire range with old skool spearmen shields as I wanted the lion motif in relief and also a different shaped shield for variety. They were undercoated in black and then the metallic finished dry brushed and inked before the blue was applied. The banners are all home made using Photoshop and some free clip art.

On a side note, the workbench is currently groaning under the weight of some Space Marines and ECW Royalist cavalry amongst other things.



  1. Oooh the blue accents really make the work pop. Looking forward to those Space Marines!

  2. More great work here! I love your custom banners.

  3. This DoW army will be something to see when it's all assembled on one table, what with all the varied units you've prepared so far. We need to see a panorama when it's all finished!

  4. Beautiful! Love this blue color!


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