Wednesday 1 January 2014

Undead Army of the Cairns Part II

The Heinrich Kemmler train is still chugging along the tracks with another unit added a couple of days ago. These skellies got me a tasty 100 points in the Painting Challenge...

This is nominally a unit of 24, however I ran short of a few figs so it is really something like 20 (when you add up the "halves"), plus some tombstones and graveyard detritus. That worked for me anyway as I wanted this unit to be in the process of crawling out of the ground to represent Kemmler's bad ass necromantic powers.

The figs are all plastics with the exception of the leader and drummer. They were spray undercoated white, sprayed cream and then dipped (painted on), followed by dry brushing and over painting. They took longer than I expected as I really wanted depth on the skeletal parts which isn't easy when there is so much boney goodness on display. People who rubbish dipping as "cheating" amaze me as it achieves a very particular effect which is just one more weapon in the painter's arsenal IMHO.

I've got a second unit on the table now armed with spears. I really only need one in the army list so these guys with hand weapons will serve as the spell-raised unit(s) during play.

You'll notice from the following updated army diagram that all the Lords and Heroes are finished as well...

I can't show you them yet BUT they will be worth the wait I hope. I know, I'm such a tease. OK, here's a sneak preview of the vignette that goes with them.

Stay tuned for Kemmler and the Gang in all their glory!

PS. Welcome aboard Sophie!



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