Tuesday 7 January 2014

Plans for 2014

So... with 2013 fading quickly into the past it's about time I set some goals and milestones for the new year.

Firstly, some general guidelines and ideas I'll try to stick to...

Buy a minimum of new models / paint models I already own
This should not be too hard to be honest. Most of the projects I want to tackle for this year involve stuff I already have in my collection, or require little in the way of additions to complete. In fact (and this is kind of a weird feeling for me) there is very little I have on my list of wants right now.

Become a better painter
I think this is happening as a matter of course simply through practice. It never hurts to actively focus on something you really want to get better at though, like really *think* about what you're painting. One area in particular I want to improve is my blending. Right now it's OK but certainly not up to the level I'd like it to be. I've never tried a wet palette or used the airbrush I've had for two years now either. Time to try both of those I reckon.

Make more quality terrain
I cannot believe that after all these years my terrain collection still has large holes where it definitely should not. If I'm not buying more lead/plastic I should be able to divert some shekels in this direction to do things properly.

Now how about some specific projects and targets?

"Recycled" from 2013
  • A division of Saxons in 15mm for my Napoleonic army
  • The remaining grenadier platoons for my Flames of War 15mm MW German Grenadiers
  • A very large number (200+) 28mm imagi-nation troops for both Evan and myself

New for 2014
  • Complete my Warhammer 40K Space Marine chapter
  • Paint two 28mm Royalist ECW cavalry regiments and a small Scots foote regiment
  • Make some 28mm terrain - grassed hills, proper roads and rivers
  • Make some small scale terrain - islands and coastline for 1:1200 naval, paint remaining resin buildings
  • Continue my Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War
  • Finish my Necromunda gangs - paint the last 5 Cawdor, repaint my recently stripped Delaque and Pit Slaves, paint the last 10 or so Ratskins

I think that's about it. More than enough to keep me occupied, especially given I'll wander off the path inevitably more than once! Heck, I'll probably decide to paint another entire army or two in the middle of all that. Stay tuned to see how I go...



  1. Sounds like a reasonable plan Millsy

    1. Until it makes contact with the enemy at least :-)

  2. Good to have an agenda Millsy... I hope you have stamina to stay on track, unlike my grasshopper-mind!

    1. Stamina is one thing I have in spades. Concentration and focus.... not so much!

  3. So let's review;

    "Buy a minimum of new models / paint models I already own... there is very little I have on my list of wants right now." At least until someone waves a Perry Bros Napoleonic regiment under your nose. Good quality Naps are your Achilles' heel!

    "Become a better painter" - Methinks the Millsy doth protest too much! Your technique is excellent and is improving all the time. Mind you, the amount you churn out has given you more practice than most...!

    "Make more quality terrain" - like your 28mm version of the Kingdom of Mercia wasn't enough? I've said it before and I'll say it again, in fact I'll quote directly from my post of a couple of years back; "The man is possessed of arcane powers and can turn two bits of string, a beer bottle top, a stick, some PVA glue and a metric cupful of sawdust into a convincing facsimile of Caernarvon Castle." And I stand by that assertion.

    Just don't beat yourself up over whether or not you meet any arbitrary targets; I'd consider myself lucky if I could manage 5% of your output and 1% of your motivation!

    1. Actually I have several more Achilles' heels that I have feet. I'm by no means alone in that boat though.

  4. Sounds good Millsy. I think you are well on your way in improving your painting.


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