Monday 29 April 2013

Dark Age barn part III

Not too much progress on the barn tonight as I spent a good 90 minutes clipping 10mm WSS figs into the right length strips. My hand was knacked with cramp afterwards but I bravely soldiered on with the paint brush! All that's left to do now before the roof goes on is a highlight coat on the panels and maybe a bit of mucky shading to make it properly rustic.

Painting the interior before the roof goes on was definitely the way to go. It was difficult enough to do this way, although admittedly if the OCD side of my brain had relented I wouldn't have painted the upper panels on the inside which will be pretty much invisible when complete. Oh well...



  1. Hrm.
    Getting me tempted and inspired to raid Hobbycraft for some balsa...

    ..I shouldn't: I have more than enough on the go!


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