Monday 8 April 2013

ECW artillery and surgeon

Here's a couple more additions to my ever expanding 28mm royalist English Civil War army. You all know the drill regards clicking for larger images...

First up is a grisly scene involving a battlefield surgeon hard at work. I've had this for so long I don't even remember the manufacturer, although I suspect it is Wargames Foundry. If anyone knows please pipe up. I've added a few bits and bobs from Mordheim sprues to the base for a little extra colour. If I was the patient the sight of a human skull would unnerve me even more than my current situation if that's at all possible.

Secondly, here's a Bicorne Miniatures saker and crew. I hadn't realised just how nice this set was until I started work on it. The detail on the cannon alone is something else, far better than the others in my collection.

And finally a shot of both pieces along with my new resin stone walls. Couldn't resist taking this... ;-)


1 comment :

  1. Beautiful work Millsy. Yup, that is a Foundry set (ECW16) and you've done a lovely job on them. Warlord has a great vignette as well, with a similar theme.

    That Bicorne saker is very nice as well. I purchases the Warlord one for the only reason that I love the master gunner draped over the barrel, laying the shot. Otherwise, I think I like this one better.


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