Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Servants of Lo-Meh, Laziest of the Elder Gods

This is another league I've been playing about with for Pulp Alley using my existing collection of miniatures. It initially started out as a test for my roster tool but quickly became something I'm rather chuffed with. So here we have them in all their lazy glory, the Servants of Lo-Meh, Laziest of the Elder Gods...

Brother Krull, Brother Pyro, Master Sloth, The Shambling One, Brother Snipe and Brother Hawk

Can't wait to try these guys out!



  1. Like those a lot! Great job Sir.

  2. Love the theme for these guys! I've really enjoyed 'Strange Aeons' but I'll have to give 'Pulp Alley' a try. How do the two rulesets compare in your opinion?

  3. I've not tried 'Strange Aeons' so I can't comment by way of comparison I'm afraid. I'll have to check it out based on your assessment mate.

  4. These guys have Russ written all over them. Did you consult with the original Lord of Meh about them? No wait. That would take too much effort. Meh.


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