Sunday 7 April 2013

Home cast resin stone walls part II

I'm happy to report I've finished work on my first batch of home cast resin stone walls! Overall I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out. It was a great learning experience which is always satisfying, especially when it is a successful one. ;-) If you're interested in the process of making the master, the mold and the initial casting you can view part one.

In total I've produced an even dozen x four inch lengths, giving me four feet of wall. Once I'm made some broken sections, corners and gates that will extend out to about six feet. I'm going to hold off casting any more straight sections for now to see how much space these occupy on the table. I supect I'll want more but that's not an issue apart from materials cost.

Three of the dozen sections

Painting was a pretty simple process:
  1. A quick double blast of matt black enamel primer, followed by a manual touch up of the spots that still didn't get covered - mainly in the cracks.
  2. Three successive dry brushes of grey starting with 100% mid grey, followed by 50/50 mid grey and white and finally 75/25 mid grey and white.
  3. A quick touch up with black ink to correct any over painting - again mainly in the cracks.
  4. Matt varnish to seal.
Basing was just as simple:
  1. Glue to trimmed tongue depressors and add sand / gravel mix.
  2. Coat with dark brown, then dry brush mid brown and finally cream.
  3. Static grass.
One thing I noticed during the painting process was that the walls remained a bit tacky, even after 24+ hours drying time. I suspect this is because the resin was rather old being bought some time ago. It didn't seem to affect the paint however and the varnish seems to have fixed it so all good.

Here's a few more shots...

This side

That side

The whole shebang...

Stay tuned for some shots of them in use!



  1. Good project, Millsy, and nice result! Thanks for the earlier tutorial post as well. This is something that most of us could have a go at, if we put our minds to it!

    1. Thanks mate. As you say, definitely something we can all try our hand at. Materials (resin and latex) cost me < AU$100 and I've got enough left for one more mold and at least twice as many more walls.


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