Saturday 13 April 2013

Workbench update

People seemed pretty interested in the idea of workbench updates so I'm going to run with them. Thanks everyone who commented and encouraged me to continue. So what's cooking?

Apart from the resin work I'm doing I'm also avoiding some imagi-nations stuff for Ev. ;-) Not sure why but I'm not feeling the love for them right now and these need 100% focus as the unit on the table is his guards. I am, however, mucking about with a bunch of mini projects and half finished older projects while I await the return of my imaginary enthusiasm.

The workbench in all it's glory...

Above you can see some Necromunda Ratskin Renegades in progress. I finished the juves years ago and never got round to the gangers and leaders. Those are next up for paintin.

In addition, I've just finished one of the simplest painting jobs possible - some clay golems for pulp and/or fantasy. These are Japanese samurai obviously, but the theme of the terracotta warriors is well and truly alive and well. The bowmen we've had around for 20+ years doing justice as "ghosts" (i.e. undercoated and nothing else!). The sword wielding chaps are ones I bought for Curt's painting challenge but ended up not using. They have separate heads that are an AWFUL fit and overall the posing is a bit wooden and just odd. I just couldn't bring myself to send one (or more) to Curt in payment. All of that makes them perfect golems though.

Clay golems? Yeah, why not...

That's it for now. Painting walls, Ratskins and just maybe some imagi-nations to come...


1 comment :

  1. I love the idea of using the Samurai as clay Golems and as y[u say so quick and simple - genius!


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