Thursday 4 April 2013

Workbench update

In the past I've not been inclined to do workbench updates of my own, despite seeing other people's and thoroughly enjoying seeing the chaos and / or progress being made. However, having unofficially challenged myself to put a bit more time into blog updates I've decided to have a go. If there is sufficient interest I'll do the odd one now and again. So what's going on at present?

First up my home cast resin walls are nearing completion. They've had a couple of blasts of matt black primer and now three successive dry brushes of increasingly lighter greys. You can see my notes about mix ratios so the next batch look the same. To my mind they are really starting to look the goods. They still need some inking and maybe the odd pale colour wash in red, green or blue on odd stones for variety. Plus basing of course. They'll be done this weekend.

I'm also 90% done on my fourth artillery piece for my Royalist ECW army (um, this really IS the last I promise). This is a Bicorne Miniatures saker and very lovely it is too. I've gone for a muted timber effect as a change from my normal painted carriages. The crew are complete and sitting patiently in the background. In the foreground is a VERY old (Wargames Foundry???) surgeon's set Cory gave my yonks ago. I'm planning a small vignette with some extras from the GW Mordheim sprues for that one.

Oh and lastly I've been mucking about with the blog layout to try and generate a bit more interest, both my own and others. There's a new header with a battle scene from Blenheim plus I've added a "you might also like" widget below each post. My brief flirtation with Pinterest died a quick death as the silly pin buttons wouldn't play nice with the blog layout despite trying a good four or five versions. Given I write web code for a living I figure if I can't make it work easily then b@gger it!

And that's about it. Oops, not quite. I've almost finished reading the rules for Pulp Alley and it looks rather jolly good. Props to Dave from PA for being a speedy lad with my PDF and also being really friendly and interested. We're giving them a go tomorrow night and I'm having a great deal of trouble resisting these chaps (miniatures, not the rules).



  1. Well, you're busy then ;)

    On the other hand, I don't see your "you might like" widget.

    Coding problem? I've also tried to modify the layout of my blog, but blogger can be a pain, sometimes.



    1. Yes, very busy indeed. ;-)

      I've tested the widget OK in all of the "big three" browsers. It does seem to take a few secs to load on some posts, probably because it doesn't run directly from blogger.

    2. Yup, works fine now.



  2. Excellent, I like a good root around another chap's workbench always good for bagging ideas and been distracted by other projects.


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