Sunday 21 April 2013

Home cast resin stone walls part IV - Done!

Not so much hobby work going on this week as real life took over. There were plenty of extra work hours, footy on the telly and the small matter of being presented with my National Medal for Service (following now almost 19 years in the NSW Rural Fire Service as a firefighter and deputy captain).

However (!) today I finished painting and basing my second batch of home cast resin walls. This lot included corners, gates and end sections. They've come up a treat, just like the first batch. In total I made two gates, two broken sections, six corners and four end pieces (broken and whole).

When used with the first batch I can now make a variety of decent sized and shaped enclosed spaces with one or more entry / exit points. All up it's about six feet of wall on the tabletop. These will be great for both skirmish and large games.

P.S. Not bad - an entire wargaming blog post from this weekend that didn't mention Salute. Oh bugger, now I've only gone and said it... ;-)



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