Saturday 27 April 2013

Workbench update

I'm suffering a rather severe attack of apathy right now (at least for the painting side of the hobby). Fortunately there are always plenty of other things to do, including making terrain. On Friday night we tried out SAGA and had a really enjoyable game. This spurred me on to make some additional terrain pieces for future dark age gaming.

First off is three ploughed fields. These are 3mm MDF with the furrows applied in the form of wall sealant in a tube / gun. Simple enough to do and once covered with a layer of sand + grit, some darker through lighter shades of brown paint (base and dry brishes) and a bit of static flock they come out quite well. Quick, simple and good for a bunch of periods

Next up is something a fair bit more complex from a construction point of view - a thatched barn. Stage one is mostly complete, being the lower section of framework and walls, with only some fake cross-bracing plus wattle and daub to be applied to the walls.

Next up is the A-frame upper section, followed by the thatching. I'm planning to use the same method I used on my dark age huts for the roof. I can't do any more tonight as it has to dry thoroughly before I can put the required pressure on the top half. Stay tuned...



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    1. Not until Nug paints his "ghost vikings". Apparently the thought of Valhalla is enough to turn your grey...


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