Sunday 31 October 2010

HOTT "Friends of the Wild Wood"

Wow! Almost 4 months since my last post. I do have a pretty decent excuse though - I took the family on a 5 week UK holiday and had an absolutely brilliant time.

Since I've been back I've been doing a lot of clearing up and planning projects. All that is more or less completed for the time being, meaning can get back to actually turning out some stuff. I'm almost finished my first HOTT army - Friends of the Wild Wood. This will be a force of humans, hobbits, elves and hangers on, all dedicated to protecting the wild wood from nasty folks.

The starting list will be a full 24AP:
General (spears) x 1 - 2AP
Forestal (hero) x 1 - 4AP
Wizard (hero) x 1 - 4AP
Hobbit horse (riders) x 2 - 4AP
Elven bow (shooters) x 2 - 4AP
Satyrs (beasts) x 1 - 2AP
Ent (behemoth) x 1 - 4AP

I'm currently bidding on a cheap lot of plastic Wood Elf bows which will give me enough for 3 bases with a couple of extras. Today I finished off everything apart from the elven bow. Here's the army so far...

A bunch of very old Essex 25mm hobbits I bought when I was in my teens. These are amongst the first miniatures I ever bought and I've stripped and repainted them at least 3 times now including this time.

Another old Essex fig from the same batch. He's meant to be a ranger but does well enough as a forestal, taking "gentle care" of the wood with his massive axe!

Essex again, and much improved. He originally had a hideous grimacing disc-shaped top to his wand. Fortunately that "fell off" at some point. I've replaced it with a flame from my Mordheim bits box.

Hobbit horse
Some cheeky Essex hobbit riders and accompanying dog handlers.

Eureka Miniatures satyrs, bought recently to bring some variety to the army. Lovely miniatures and a doddle to paint up.

Finally my ent. Eureka Miniatures again and a really nice miniature, not to mention about the only half-decent priced ent I was able to find! He has a bit of an affro going on, maybe it's spring?

That's it for now. I'm keen to get these guys squared away so the elven bow will be straight onto the table assuming I win the auction. I've already started a second army - Eureka Miniatures Conquistadores - more of that later.

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