Sunday 21 June 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Things are progressing well on the Savage Orc army project as I push towards "completion".
The quotes are because I never truly "complete" anything and often sneak a new unit in months or even years after things are supposedly done and dusted.

All that aside, the last week have seen more complete a unit of two Goblin Bolt Throwers and make serious progress on the following Savage Goblin Spida Herdas...

These have further progressed since the photo was taken and the spiders themselves are now close to complete. I'd likely have been finished them altogether but for a lack of suitable glue to affixing the smaller spiders to bases.

Lurking to one side are the beginnings of another project in the form of the first unit for my Gloranthan Lunar force - the Silver Shields (sans shields at this point ironically) and the second half or my Mordheim Orcs and Gobbos warband I taked about recently.

Lastly here's a quick pick of what happens when you have a new kitten in the house. Olivia Jigger is very much a "participant" in the hobby scene and likes to "help" me out. This often leads to the cry of "Shields Up Number One!" and the following becomes necessary...

Here's my baby girl helping her mum out. She's a gorgeous little monster. Light boxes are warm and show her in her best light or so she believes!

Til next time!


Sunday 14 June 2015

Time for a clear out...

I've spent the last couple of weeks looking at various projects and deciding whether to keep going, postpone or put in the bin whatever plans I had made. The consequence of this is a number of items are now surplus to requirements for whatever reason.

I'm going to lob them onto the world's largest flea market soonish but thought I'd offer them here first. Prices as listed in Aussie dollars. Contact me using the form on the margin to discuss postage and payment if interested. All items are exactly as depicted.

27 x Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai Pikemen, painted with the White Hand of Saruman: $50.00

20 x Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai Warriors, painted with the White Hand of Saruman. A few have swapped weapons and one is a standard bearer: $40.00

40 x Lord of the Rings Orc Warriors of varying types. Some had broken weapons but have been repaired or replaced. $40.00

1 x Lord of the Rings Cave Troll: $15.00

1 x Box of Conquest Games Norman Knights (contents 15 riders and 12 mounts): $25.00

1 x Warhammer Fantasy Nagash (seen here on Stuff of Legends). Complete, NOS. $50.00

2 x Warhammer Fantasy Undead Carrion with riders: $20.00

16 x i-Kore Void Junkers Infantry including special weapon and a chap I think is called an Aurelian: $40.00

6 x i-Kore Void Junkers Sandrunners and mounted officer: $30.00

Happy to discuss. Thanks for looking.


Friday 12 June 2015

More from Glorantha - Orlanthi Thane

Millsy and I have both been busy with our respective Gloranthan projects of late, and as I have the day off today, I thought I'd post some pics of the Orlanthi Thane I'd converted.

I finished him to this point late last night. He'll need some extra bling, since he's meant to be high status, and this will probably take the form of some runic symbolism on his shield (stay steady, hands...) and some decorative trim on the clothing.

The wolfskin cloak is a probable trophy from the hunt, or maybe from battles with the Telmori, the wolf folk of Dragon Pass.

I tried to avoid using any sort of shield iconography which might make a viewer automatically assume that Orlanthi are just transplanted Celts or 'Land Vikings' (though if anyone made 28mm plastic Halstatt Celts, I'd certainly try and lay hands on a boxed set or two!).

Obviously, the massed units will probably be bog-standard plastic Celts with a few decorative tweaks to keep them from looking too Gallic or British (note to self; avoid plaid wherever possible, it's not like I haven't seen enough to last me a lifetime, after all). The economics of collecting an army mean that we have to be ready to compromise from time to time!

Let's just hope that Orlanthi are more durable than Celts in the face of massed heavy infantry, which my illustrious adversary Mr Mills is assembling even as we speak... Though, to be fair, the ability to summon thunderbolts and wind elementals should more than make up for any shortfalls in discipline!

This chappie will probably end up based as part of a massed unit of Warriors (according to our preferred Ancients rule set, Simon Miller's To the Strongest!) so I'd better get cracking on his retinue.

Stay tuned!


Monday 8 June 2015

Workbench Holiday Monday

So having spent a good week living the 80s dream I have (kind of) wandered Back to the Future. I've completely knocked off the large 40K commission I was working on and I'm back onto a couple of my own projects... Ah, sweet self-indulgence!

First up I'm adding a new unit to my Savage Orc & Goblins army. This may or may not be a good thing as a complete reorganisation of the display case revealed these jokers have now overtaken an entire shelf on their own and are slowly invading the Space Marines below. That can't end well. I forsee a reprise of Ork's Drift at some point in the future.

Savage Gobbo Spida Herdas. Yes, really...

In a traditional Orc & Goblins army these would be Squig Herds but that's not really appropriate. Sooo.... I'm mixing it up a bit with some spare Forest Goblins of differing varieties, some extra first edition mounts from the Spider Riders and a bunch of smaller spiders from the current Arakanrok kit. The result? Savage Gobbo Spida Herdas!

The other job on the worktable is a new project Evan and I have started - battles in Runequest Glorantha using Simon Miller's To the Strongest! rules. This is my first unit, using some spare miniatures from the lead pile. I don't know who made them or what they are to be honest but they make great Silver Shields (or they will when painted anyway). 

Back to the 80s for just a minute, I had another cracking bit of Oldhammer eBay Fu last night thanks to a good dose of insomnia. Apparently if you can't sleep you can buy a complete RRD5 Ruglud's Armoured Orcs set at 2:00am for a sensible price from a very generous German... Nice!

That's it for today. Happy gaming!


Friday 5 June 2015

I'm on holidays... in the 1980s

I've had an incredibly lazy week off work this week, doing pretty much whatever I liked. Having been to Melbourne just recently there wasn't much desire to go somewhere so I didn't. Instead I went somewhen.

For the past week I've been living the 80s dream. I've watched Lethal Weapon, Weird Science and Escape from New York on the idiot box and spent a lot of time buying, painting and faffing about with 80s vintage Marauder and Citadel miniatures.

Firstly, the Epic Squats project has been substantially moved forward which is great. I should have close to 4,000 points worth completed today. They get their first outing on the table tomorrow night against Eldar which I'm really looking forward to.

I've also finished a large 40K commission and ploughed the proceeds back into 10 of these...

Wonderful, characterful Kev Adams orcs

I'm still looking for 4, 7 and 8 and have duplicates of several other to swap if anyone is interested.

I also scored both of these Oldhammer must-haves last night...

All up it's been a cracking week off and it's not done with yet.

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