Sunday 16 September 2018

Konflikt '47 US Starter Set Part II

This week I have been plugging away at the twenty plastic infantry infantry that come in the US starter set plus a blister of metal command figures. Happy to say they are all done which means I have completely finished my first 1000pts!

Here are some quick snaps of the doughboys...

2nd Lt, offsider and medic

Bazooka team

Sniper team

1st Squad

2nd Squad

I have a unit of Firefly jump infantry, a .50cal MMG team and a medium walker in the post right now which will expand the force to 1500pts. Apart from an LMG, a flamethrower and a mortar that'll be it I reckon.


Saturday 8 September 2018

Paint Table Saturday

Just a quick post tonight to prove I'm making progress with the US infantry...

Fiddly as all buggery to assemble but very nice minis once that's done. Painting is a breeze and with the block painting + tinted varnish method I'm planning to use they should be done in double quick time which I'm rather pleased about.

Enjoying this stuff so much there is every chance another force is on the imminent horizon. :-)


Sunday 2 September 2018

Konflikt '47 US Starter Set Part I

Following on from my last post about starting a new Konflikt '47 project I have been beavering away at the contents of the US Starter Set (plus upgrades). I'm pleased to say I've made really significant progress and have finished about 60% of the material currently on hand.

The finished units are a Sherman-T (T for "Tesla"), Coyote Light Walker, Heavy Infantry and Heavy Bazooka team. I am super impressed by the models which are great fun to paint and very characterful. Anyway, that's enough blather... time to let the pics do the talking!

M4A9 Sherman-T, with additional historical turret option

Coyote Light Walker

Heavy Infantry platoon and Heavy Bazooka team

And finally some shots of the whole lot together

I'm currently in the midst of assembling my HQ, medic, sniper team, regular bazooka team and two historical infantry units which will round out my initial force. The starter set really is amazing value and with just two extra blisters got me to 1000pts! Hopefully I will have some progress pics of the infantry next weekend but they are VERY fiddly to assemble and are taking a load of time.

Finally, a point about the photos. These are close to the best photos I've ever managed to get of my minis. I'm not the best photographer anyway and always rush my pics. Not having a decent camera also meant things were much less than optimal. BUT I have a new Google Pixel 2 XL phone and the camera is unbelievably good. These pics were taken outside in natural light on a very grey afternoon. When my new light box arrives soon the sky is the limit.

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