Sunday 6 May 2018

15mm Napoleonic 3rd Hussars

For a little while now I've been pottering away finishing half painted units that have been lurking about the workbench. Quite why I am interested in this all of a sudden over doing some more focused project work I don't know. I'm not overly concerned about losing my mojo as I wouldn't be painting anything if that was the case and the upside is that all these half painted units are finally getting the attention they deserve.

This week I've been finishing a unit of AB Miniatures 15mm Napoleonic Hussars, painted up as the 3rd Hussars which served alongside the 10th and 15th Chasseurs in the 3rd Division of Ney's VI Corps at Friedland in 1807.

Anyway, time for a couple of really poor photos :-)

On the painting table at the moment at a bunch of orcs and goblins for a half finished (there's that word "half" again!) to go with the ones I worked on way back in 2015. These will be a Frostgrave / Mordheim warband when completed.

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