Sunday 29 March 2020

Ev's Challenge - All Over (Or Is It?)

Greetings Paint Fans! The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has ended for another year, and even though I fell short of my target, I flatter myself that I was able to get some decent entries on the board.

Following the Fertility Goddess, I was able to submit an entry for Awdry's Atoll, a location which required Challengers to create a vignette on a CD base. Basing on CDs is something of a specialty for the estimable Sir Michael.

I give you The Riddle of the Sphinx;

"So, mortal, I ask you again; why did the chicken cross the road?"
Next up was a bit of scatter terrain for pre-industrial skirmish gaming, a dilapidated farm cart.

A couple of Pleistocene pussycats;

And more giants - two of them!

And finally, delivering on an earlier promise, some worshippers for the Green Goddess!

So that's all for the moment - but there's more around the corner...

Snowlord Curt has proposed a new Challenge to get us all through the COVID-19 lockdown; the Quarantine Challenge!

To quote the man himself, "With more and more people going into isolation, keeping safe and taking care of those around them, I thought it might be helpful to provide a space for people to keep in touch, post their hobby projects and to simply unwind."

This is a marvellous opportunity to support one another in our hobby, so I've signed up to paint some more - don't be too shocked, everybody!

More to come over the next few weeks, so keep your brushes sharp and stay tuned...


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