Sunday 29 May 2016

Chariots of Waaagh!

The chariots I blogged about yesterday are all done and dusted now and the crew and suitably modified, primed and ready for painting. Here's how the chariots themselves look finished up.
I'm rather pleased with them...

Barring any UXBs* the four crew miniatures are the LAST savage orcs I will paint for the army.

To be truthful the likelihood of that being the case are remote to say the least but it will be a good long time before I revisit this army I think. I'm already giving my large unpainted Empire collection the glad eye after all even as I finish these up.

* UneXpected Buying. Thanks Sir Michael for that little gem.


Saturday 28 May 2016

Paint Table Saturday

For the first time in quite literally months it's a wet Saturday which means I have all the excuse I need to stay indoors and wield the brush.

A couple of months back I picked up a couple of rather wonky  and consequently quite cheap Orc chariots on fleaBay. Honestly, do some people people actually try to make a hash of things???

A few hours of work have seen them restored to health and "savaged up". These...

... now look like this...

...and should be done before the weekend is out.

Amazingly, that's the LAST BUT ONE unit in my Savage Orc & Goblin army and takes me to the 5,000 point mark, just in time for our big game on the June long weekend. That's 280 models including 8 trolls, a giant, 2 chariots, 3 war engines, a wyvern and a whole LOAD of rank and file.

Woot! Or more properly... Waaagh!


Saturday 21 May 2016

Random act of GIMPness

I arrived home on Thursday after a particularly trying day. The Reds had suffered an ignominious defeat in the Europa League final and work had been a bit of a bugger too. Contemplating another day of it on Friday wasn't helping either.

Awaiting me on my painting desk was an unexpected package. My first thought was "What have I bought this time? I don't even remember ordering this!"

Nothing at all to do with my uncontrollable purchasing predilections as it turns out... Inside was a surprise from the lovely Tamsin of Wargaming Girl, a rendition of my good self hard at work in the back yard priming miniatures like a maniac and decked out in the now infamous GIMP mask of Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge fame.

To say that cheered me up would be an understatement of epic proportions. It's things like this that reinforce for me how much of a wonderful community we share as wargames bloggers. That someone from the other side of the world would take the time and effort to put a smile on my face speaks volumes.

THANK YOU Tamsin :-)


Sunday 8 May 2016

Savage Sunday... or a little more "reorcanisation"

With a big 4,000 points per side game coming up in roughly a month (my Savage Orcs versus and evil combo of Lizardmen and Beasts of Chaos) a little more "reorcanisation" was in order. Last month I finally managed to get my sweaty little grippers on a decent sized auction of Savage Orc spearmen which are rather hard to get in any quantity at a decent price.

After a little more fiddling with my core units of Savage Orc Boyz I'm now able to field three x 24 units armed with choppas and a single 18 unit armed with spears. That will eventually expand to 24 as well but will require further fleaBay foo or perhaps simply closing my eyes, yelling waaaggghh!!!! and clicking Buy It Now several times... gulp!

Anyway, here's a progress shot of troops in the process of being moved about and reformed.

Lurking in the background at left you can also see the nearly completed Red Rashers, a second unit of Savage Boar Boyz armed with spears. Finally, right at the back are an even dozen of Oglah Khan's Hobgoblin Wolf Boyz keen to also join the fray.

Stay tuned for more things both savage and orcish over the next month!


Sunday 1 May 2016

ECW AAR: Second Battle of Curmudgeon Moor

Today I had a couple of fellow Aussie bloggers visit Chez Millsy (Paul of The Man Cave and Alan of Dux Homunculorum). Between us we managed to have a cracking time using a fair proportion of my 28mm English Civil War collection to re-fight a battle I played last year - Curmudgeon Moor.

The scenario requires a Parliamentarian force to break through a blocking Royalist force. Paul played the Royalists and Alan took command of the Parliament forces. The sharp eyed amongst you will notice both sides flying Royalist colours... I simply won't have any rebels living in the house!

We used Clarence Harrison's (Quindia Studios) wonderful and FREE Victory Without Quarter rules and as they have before they produced a fast paced, entertaining game without sacrificing any period feel.

I won't go into great detail but I will highlight a few of the main talking points...

The Royalist gallopers made a strong showing in the face of enemy foot before refusing to charge home and eventually fled the field in disarray after some lethal volleys of musket fire. The shame!

The Royalist culverin did sterling work in seeing of a unit of veteran gallopers and then assisting in seeing off a second unit of the same with assistance from a unit of pike and shotte.

The Parliament dragoons made good use of their horses to flank the Royalists before being held up by a stoic defence by a unit of clubmen - the clientèle of Ye Three Leggged Duck Publick House.

Despite Paul fielding a unit of freshly painted Scots commanded shotte he was able to hold up the Parliament right flank and defend the church of Our Lady of Negotiable Virtue before retiring in good order. Who says fresh paint always means a sound thrashing for a unit???

The battle finished a draw as night closed in. Alan's Parliament forces were slowly getting the upper hand but Paul and the Royalists still held the road and were not in any mood to surrender of break off.

Here's the rest of the photos I took. I'm sure the Paul and Alan will have some more to share too.

Great company and and a load of colourful lead on the table. What's not to like?

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