Wednesday 20 October 2021

10 Months! Really?!?! Elves and more Elves

Good grief. 10 whole months without a post is pretty slack to say the least!

I could blame all sorts of things but the answer really is basically just laziness. I love painting and modelling, but no so much spending time on the PC posting stuff. That's got a lot to do with my day job being entirely spent in front of screens too.

Still, the point of the blog is to, well... blog stuff. So here you go, here's a chunk of new painted stuff - Oathmark plastic Elves, kitbashed to some extent with Gripping Beast Arab Cavalry (there are no Oathmark Elf Cavalry... yet) and WFB Elf shields.

Firstly, all the "Wood Elves", plus some scratch built way stones.

Frostgave female wizard masquerading as an Elven Wizardess

Mounted rangers

Dismounted rangers and command

And now the "High Elves"...

These two forces are part of a larger SAGA fantasy project I have going on. More of that sooner rather than later!


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