Tuesday 28 November 2017

Warhammer Empire Handgunners and Swordsmen

Just a quick post to say my first entry in the Old World Army Challenge is up and available for an eyeballing should you have time. It consists of two units in the colours of Carroburg, one of Handgunners and the other of Swordsmen.

Next up will be the Carroburg Greatswords!


Sunday 26 November 2017

New look, Boxer Terrain and a Another Long Walk

Whilst out walking this morning it occurred to me that it has been a fair while since the blog had a face lift. I decided to go with a more appropriate theme for what's been my 55 Days at Peking Project, hence the new header, wallpaper and palette. Hope you like it!

So what's actually in the works for the project then? Well another couple of (smaller) legations once some modelling supplies arrive for starters. In the mean time I'm working on a couple of canal bridges, a piece of scatter terrain in the form of another moon gate and finally some other small scatter terrain resin items from TT Combat. You can't have enough "local colour" after all.

The Imperials are now getting some love in the form of some German Seebatallion and Russian Sailors from EMP Games. Wonderful service and although they needed a little cleaning up they appear to be lovely sculpts.

I also have some Japanese sailors in the post from Jim Bibbly, once again a very positive shopping experience and hopefully the product arrives soon!

Speaking of walking, I reversed my path from my last walk and then turned left halfway to head up Bees Nest Hill (of which we cannot speak as this is a family-friendly blog) on my way to Grose Head South. The view from the top is magnificent, well worth the 15km or so total there and back.

If I'd continued along this ridge I'd reach the trig point on the very end with a cracking view of the Nepean river and country beyond, before finally heading down into Yarrmudi at the foot of the escarpment. I've been considering that one for a while and despite the [deleted] hill in between I reckon that'll happen sooner rather than later.

And before I sign off, I've uploaded my first entry of the Old World Army Challenge, which will appear here in due course once it has had its day in the sun on the challenge blog.


Monday 20 November 2017

AHPC VIII - The Call

Righto. Curt has officially issued the Challenge for the 8th edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!

For my sins I'll be participating once again. I think this is my 6th go around? It's tremendous fun, wonderfully inspiring and best of all I get stuff painted.

Not sure what my points target will be this year. I've been cutting back the last couple to allow time to help out with the admin and also as I just don't seem to be able to get through stuff like I used to.

Having said that I see Curt has opted to include terrain this year which means I can throw some more Peking terrain into the mix and kill two birds with one stone. Nice one Curt mate, love your work!

So what's on the radar this year apart from Peking terrain?

  • More Boxers and also some Imperial forces for the Boxer Project 
  • More wonderful Citadel-era Warhammer Fantasy Empire
  • A Steel Legion Imperial Guard army for Epic 40K
  • and goodness knows what else!

Sunday 19 November 2017

AHPC VIII - Time to Prep!

The smell of snow on the wind, the faint sting of ice in the air, the naked trees and the dry leaves underfoot... (well, none of that is happening here in Sydney, but I'm assured that this is indeed the case in the other hemisphere)


Snowlord Curt Campbell marshals his legions of painters.

The Snowlord stirs once more as his acolytes commence the rituals which will awaken him from his months-long slumber... The Clearing of the Workspaces, The Prepping of the Figures, The Cleansing of the Brushes, all accompanied by hypnotic chanting of the koans; "Is A Spider A Vehicle?" "What Gender Is That Bear?" "HOW many camels...?"

Well, I've decided not to get caught short this year, so...

Yep, that's my workbench - bit of a change from the first year's effort.

Next it's on to the task of cleaning and sorting the figs and trying to anticipate the themes for the bonus rounds, as yet unrevealed. So stay tuned...!


Saturday 11 November 2017

400K and a short walk

It appears that some time during the last week or so the blog views ticked over a bit of a milestone in the 400,000 range. Not something I keep much of an eye on very often but every once in a while the numbers kind of stick out. Given the fact that's a nice round number I made a thing. Enjoy...

Mmmm... psychedelic background and lime green font.

Given I also finished a super secret commission this morning and can't post any images (cause it's like secret) I decided to go for a short walk and take some photos instead.

Approximately 10kms and 90 minutes later I was back having enjoyed the delights of Shaw's Ridge and the Blue Gum Swamp, one of my local round trip walks and one I should do more often.

Next time it'll be Grose Head South and down to Yarramundi I think

Nobody but me, loads of birds and one 8 foot long high speed red bellied black snake

Most of these gums are much older and just a wee bit taller than yours truly.

Trees. And ferns. And tree ferns.

Eucalyptus deanei, aka the mountain blue gum

Right, that's enough blather. I'm off to paint some Perry brothers Empire troops for the Old World Army Challenge and prep some stuff for the upcoming Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.


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