Thursday 29 August 2013

50K Prize Draw Winners

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who has offered best wishes, commented on the previous 50K prize giveaway post, plugged the giveaway or most importantly come on board as a new follower. Your participation is much appreciated!

Firstly, a welcome to all these wonderful people who have joined us over the last week or so. In no particular order Emilio, Sean, Pierre le Poilu, Justin Penwith, Over Opensights, Wargamer, Rob, Peter Douglas, Chris Stoesen, Kev at the Cabin, TamsinP, Phyllion, Paul Smith, Aaron, Laughing Ferret and Mike. Also a special welcome to Matakishi who joined us just before the giveaway and whose Tea House is an absolute inspiration and well worth your time to visit. We've now reached 120 followers, an increase of about 20% which is a great result.

Now I know you're all champing at the bit to know who lucked out with the loot so here we go...

Prize One, Don Featherstone's "Wargame Campaigns"
was won by.... András Szilvásy!

Prize Two, a painted SAGA Anglo-saxon Warlord
was won by.... Edwin King!

Prize Three, a bag of Harlequin 28mm archers
was won by.... Anne!

Congrats to all who won and many thanks to everyone who took part but didn't get a prize. Can the winners please email me on [crikey that was fast! ;-)]. Once I have you physical addresses I can get your prizes in the post ASAP.

Edit: I've just noticed that Edwin is also running his own giveaway. The winning vibes must have reached him pretty darn quick and gone to his head! Head on over to Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist for another chance at some prizes if you missed out here...


Wednesday 21 August 2013

50K Giveaway

Right then! This morning we passed the magical 50,000 page views mark, thanks to Evman and his wonderful SAGA Scots. Plus of course all our wonderful blogosphere friends who pop by from time to time and whose companionship, comments and enthusiasm we absolutely cherish. This can of course only mean one thing... it's gratuitous blog whoring giveaway time!

The Rules
We've all been here before so I'll keep it quick. The giveaway starts NOW and runs for one week.

  1. Commenting on this post gets a chance in the prize draw. Just the one mind you, no spamming!
  2. Pimping our blog on your own (and providing proof in your comment) gets you an extra chance.
  3. If you are also a new follower from today onwards you get another chance in the prize draw.

Please remember when you comment to indicate WHICH prize you'd like to go into the draw to win. And that brings me to... the prizes.

Prize One
A wonderful tome which I've treasured for a looong time - an ex-libris copy of Don Featherstone's Wargame Campaigns. A cracking book, especially if you are a bit of an old-skool wargaming aficionado like myself. Given the age it's not in perfect nick but then neither am I and nobody is suggesting I'm fit for the scrap heap quite yet.

Prize Two
One fully panted and based Anglo-Saxon warlord for SAGA (or whatever else you care to use him for). He's sporting a rather fetching purple cloak and wearing a Sutton-Hoo style helmet. I can't remember the manufacturer unfortunately but its lovely sculpt and hopefully my efforts have done him justice.

Prize Three
One zip lock bag of unpainted lead. It contains approximately a dozen Harlequin Miniatures 28mm archers, including three very nice fantasy ranger types and a bunch of generic medieval/fantasy bowmen. No pic of these unfortunately.

So that's it. The giveaway is off and running. Get commenting!

PS. Thanks everyone for helping us reach a milestone and we hope you'll continue to support the blog!

Millsy (and the Crew)

SAGA Scots Warriors Complete!

Never let it be said that Ev doesn't believe in the good old-fashioned concept of suspense. It's been two months since I posted my 2pts of completed Scots Hearthguard on C&G. So, at long last, here are the two remaining points of Alba's finest.

Well, some of them, at least...

I haven't got as far as painting the Argyll socks on them yet. And turn around, the camera's this way!

Here's a fine body of men, stalwart of demeanour and stout of heart. They display the stoicism for which the sons of Caledonia have become famous.

"On foot should all guid Scottis warre..."

The lads below, on the other hand, are an altogether different proposition.

"Hinka canfeh? C'mon then!"

Yes, this means that, all bar the Warlord are now completed to a playable standard. So here's the assembled multitude by way of summary;

But who, I hear you ask, is the tall striking fellow in the middle? That's the yet-to-be-completed warlord, awaiting the construction of a base worthy of his heroic status (Because, let's face it, a paint pot lacks the necessary scenic appeal for a nobleman of ancient Alba). Other than that, he's almost done. Here's the story so far;

(Incidentally, these old-school GW paint pots are great for this kind of thing.)

A bit of tidying up, and it's on to the basing - should I see if I can lay hands on some Viking casualty figs to decorate the scene a bit?

And where to from here? I still have a point of Hearthguard in their blister pack, or I could assemble those formidable Hebridean hired swords, the Sons of Death. Either way, I'll have to move pretty smartly, since my illustrious adversaries Millsy and Nug are both recruiting formidable warbands of their own! Mayhap the borders will be aflame with red war sooner rather than later...

Stay tuned!


Monday 12 August 2013

SAGA 6pt Anglo-Danish Warband finished

Something of a rarity from me today... No, not a completed force, a lunchtime post! ;-)

I finished the last of my levy archers over the weekend to complete a full 6 point SAGA Anglo-Danish warband. I now have:

  • 1 x Warlord with Dane-axe
  • 2 x Hearthguard with Dane-axes
  • 1 x Hearthguard
  • 2 x Warriors
  • 1 x Levy Archers

...which totals 41 miniatures. I've actually go enough odd (painted) spare chappies to do another hearthguard and another warriors for really big games too.

Enough nerdy numbers, here's the pics... (Remember to click for larger ones)

Warlord and favoured hearthguard

Warlord and full hearthguard



More warriors

Levy archers

Levy archers again

Full warband

I'm rather pleased with the finish overall. They still need a quick zap of dullcote but otherwise I'm completely done.

Next up on the painting table? Well, I've decided to declare martial law of sorts. There are some unpainted Space Marines, ECW command stands and a unit of Imagi-nation infantry on there now. Until ALL of that is complete nary a single wee miniature man will be let loose the lead pile...

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