Sunday 28 July 2013

SAGA Anglo-Danish Hearthguard + 100 followers!

Real life has been getting in the way BIG TIME of late. Firstly my son has started a programming course near where I work two nights a week. Whilst I am very proud of the little chip off the old Millsy block, it means staying back rather late after work and consequently not doing much modelling. Add to that a LOT of search and rescue work with the fire brigade and, well, nothing much has happened recently. Until now...

This weekend I got my life back (such as it is), got the brushes going and finished 3 points (12 figures) of Anglo-Danish Hearthguard for SAGA. Woot! These guys are Crusader metals and a real pleasure to paint. Lots of detail but not too fine, lovely proportions and plenty of character in the poses. Unfortunately there are only four variants of the long-axe wielding chappies but a bit of careful painting are they are sufficiently different so you won't notice on the table.

In the dozen hearthguard there are 2 x 4 groups with long-axes and 1 x 4 with a mix of weapons. This means I can field the long-axes as a larger block of 8 at times to change things up. Here's a couple of quick shots of some of them from the rear as you can't see all the shields in the frontal views.

I've got 8 levy bowmen left to paint and then I've got a full 6 points finished - warlord, 4 x long-axe hearthguard, 4 x long-axe hearthguard, 4 x hearthguard, 8 x warriors, 8 x warriors, 12 x levy bowmen.

Finally, we've been quietly ticking towards 100 followers over the last few weeks despite the lack of posts. Welcome aboard to James Brewerton, Guidowg, 1/72 figures, Paul's Bods, Grigork, Baconfat and number 100... Secundus. Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer! We're well on the way to 50,000 views as well and should pass that milestone in a month or so. At that point I guess we'll have to do the obligatory giveaway huh? ;-)

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