Wednesday 14 March 2012

Send Reinforcements!

It's been a while since I did anything Ogre-related, so I've decided to get motivated again and bring the big oafs (oafs? oaves? whatever) up to playable level.
As it stands at present, I have around 1200 points, and with Ogres, that doesn't exactly give you a huge frontage. It's only 53 figures, and 40 of those are Gnoblars, for gods' sake! Big troops look pretty impressive until you realise their mighty horde occupies the space of a small tea tray.
What to do? Well, that mighty horde ain't gonna raise itself, so let's see what the latest building frenzy threw together. They all require painting and proper basing, but I figure that these pics will encourage me to take them to the next level.
Here's a bit of long-range missile capability. Four Leadbelchers, designed to rain mayhem and grapeshot upon their enemies. That's 220 points right there, at least in 7th edition.
More close-in hitting power now, with 7 Ogre Bulls, with light armour and two hand weapons, that's 344 points all up. They'll be good backup for the Tyrant or Butcher, plus I'll have a bit more flexibility on the tactical side.

And finally, some heavy hitters in the form of 3 more Ironguts, bulking the existing unit up to 7. They cost an extra 144 points, each one dealing out a hefty three S6 hits per turn. Getting these bad boys close enough to actually do the damage is another matter, since I dare say that they'll become ground zero for every missile weapon in the vicinity. Maybe it's time to trot out the giant to distract those tiresome gunners and bolt throwers...?

So we're up to just over 1900 points; and another big block of gnoblars would give me 2000 points on the table... and after the last traumatic episode, do I dare...? At least they're not going to worry the big lads when they cut and run.
I have to say that I'm pretty pleased at the prospect of fielding a playable army at long last, but I have to paint the figs first, and that may take a little longer! Stay tuned...
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