Saturday 29 October 2016

NOT Paint Table Saturday

There are times when it's a good thing to acknowledge the parts of you that are ordinarily kept locked in a dark cupboard where they cannot distract you from functioning in the real world. *

This afternoon I did exactly that. For about 4.5 hours. Apparently.

By way of explanation let me write a short piece of pseudo-math so you understand...

Still not clear? OK, let me spell it out. I was updating my wargame book collection to account for some new arrivals and noticed one of the cover images was pretty ordinary. Colours were off, the pic was blurry, ragged edges, etc. etc. Clearly that wouldn't do so I fixed it.

Then I thought I'd better check the cover next to that one. Guess what? Rubbish! OK, that's fixed now. You can guess where this is going...

Anyway, safe to say I've not painted anything I was intending to paint. But at least IT can be put back in the cupboard for a while now and I can go back to playing nice with the general public. Mostly.

* Well that's my excuse anyway.


Sunday 23 October 2016

Imagination infantry regiments completed

This morning I finished painting two new 24 man regiments for Evan's imaginations army from the fictitious country of Velikye Byelgorodniya.

The first of these is the Kholodniyy Borscht infantry regiment in their glorious beetroot red jackets. Their regimental colour reflects their beetroot-centric theme as well...

The second unit is the Kapusta Zemlya infantry regiment, famous for their duck-egg green jackets (or should that be cabbage green jackets)?

The miniatures are all wonderful Front Rank stuff from their Seven Years War range. I really enjoy painting them which is probably a good thing as I have close to another 150 in boxes to do (and that's just the infantry!)

On the painting table at the moment to follow these will be a small unit of hussars for my army along with some foot artillery. If you are interested in our imagination project you can visit the blog which contains background info, maps, and our desperate attempts at humour.

Thanks for popping by!


Sunday 16 October 2016

Sunday Workbench

With the phoney war seemingly coming to an end I've been beavering (or should that be sabling?) away on some units of imaginations infantry for my genial protagonist buddy Evan.

The first of two regiments is near complete and requires only basing and flags (which I've already designed).

The second regiment is also coming along nicely and is really just awaiting buttons, bows and accoutrements to reach completion. Flags are ready to go for this unit too. I'll easily have this finished by the weekend and can base both up together.

In other news a small commission and a steadily sinking GBP has enabled me to go on a spending spree on fleaBay / AbeBooks and add a further NINE tomes to the steadily growing classic wargames book collection. I'm particularly keen to finally get my hands on Charles Grant's Ancient Battles for Wargamers and The Battle of Fontenoy. More on that as they arrive in the post of the next few weeks or so.

Saturday 15 October 2016

Vale Bluebear Jeff

I've just discovered that Jeff Hudelson (aka Bluebear Jeff) passed away recently after a protracted fight against cancer. For those who don't know of Jeff he was a owner of the wonderful Saxe-Bearstein imaginations blog amongst other things.

During the course of my blogging experiences I've "met" an enormous list of talented, interesting and wonderfully generous individuals and Jeff sits right at the top of the pile. Always ready with advice and encouragement he embodied everything I have come to love in the hobby. It's hard to picture the imaginary 18thC without Jeff. He will be sorely missed.


Sunday 9 October 2016

Sunday workbench

Whilst I've been quiet Canister & Grape blogging-wise that's not to say I've been quiet hobby-wise.

In fact, quite the opposite. Evan and I have been busy rekindling our long-neglected imagi-nations project... Die Kriege des Zobelshuts. To that end I have been painting away on a unit of infantry for Evan's fledgling army and I'm pleased to say they are nearing completion.

These are lovely Front Rank SYW Russians in 28mm and I'd almost forgotten what a joy they are to paint. I can see myself painting quite a lot of these in the near future, right up to and possibly including this year's instalment of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Speaking of which, it's this time of year when our Northern cousins start thinking of long, cold nights spent cosy and warm with brush in hand. Down here of course we think of long, warm nights with the air conditioning cranked right up and brush in hand. And how do I know it's nearly that time of year? Well for one, my backyard is packed full of local avian fauna...

King parrots, Eastern rosellas, rainbow lorikeets and more (no, not a Norwegian Blue!). The buggers won't even wait until I've had a chance to hang the new bird feeder, preferring to eat from my hand or from the table. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon than painting minis and feeding birds I suppose...


Saturday 1 October 2016

All hail Generalissimo Millsy

Contrary to popular belief I've not been abducted by aliens or arrested for jaywalking. I have in fact simply been working my proverbial @ss off. Thankfully I've managed to snare a few days off and have returned to something like an even keel.

Gaming has been the big loser in terms of lack of free time unfortunately. However, tomorrow we've got a big game of Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action kicking off which looks to be great fun. Russ and I gave the rules a trial run last week and really enjoyed them. More on that post-game...

In amongst that I've also jumped on board a new blog-based game by Clint from Anything But a One. I played in his blog-based age of sail game a couple of years back and had an absolute blast. If anything I'm looking forward to this one even more as it gives me the opportunity to go mad with power and exercise my dictatorial instincts as Generalissimo Millsy, benevolent despot in charge of the Glorious People's Democratic Republic of Millsystan. What could possibly go wrong?

All hail ME!
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