Portable Wargame Fantasy

These are my house rules for playing fantasy games using Bob Cordery's Portal Wargame.
Last update 13th June 2020 to include revised troop types and costs, changes to special abilities.

Quick Reference Sheet

My Quick Reference Sheet covers all the changes I have made to the core rules.

Troop Types

Troop Types are based loosely on a mix of historical types from the Ancients version plus some additional types based on Hordes of the Things (HotT).

* per 50 Strength Points.

  • Generals add +1 to attack rolls units they share a grid square with.
  • Spellcasters may cast 1 spell per turn instead of shooting.
  • Heroes are attached to a unit for the duration of the battle.
  • Heroes add +1 to attack rolls for the unit to which they are attached.

Special Abilities

Special Abilities are added to troop types to provide fantasy flavour and to allow for more distinction between armies within the restrictions of the Troop Types.

  • Armies may select 1 special ability per 10 Strength Points rounded down
  • Maximum of 1 special ability may be assigned per unit


Spells allow for units with the Spellcaster Special Ability to perform actions beyond melee and shooting attacks. Like the Special Abilities they provide another key element of fantasy flavour.

  • Before battle, roll d3+3 for total mana points available for each spellcaster
  • Each spell costs 1 mana to cast
  • Once mana is exhausted no further spells can be cast during this battle
  • Failed spells consume mana even though the desired effect doesn't occur

Terrain Cards

These are the terrain cards I'm using to generate random terrain. There are a total of 36 and I've added a pair of dice so I can roll up results rather than have to print them out. I split my grids into groups of 4 squares and roll for each group with a terrain feature then taking up 1d3 squares within the group. The only exceptions are Rivers and Streams which run across the board from the grid where they are located, with the flow (North-South vs. East-West) determined randomly as well. You can download a copy here.

Event Cards

These are the event cards I use to add some extra randomness to my battles. After deployment and before the first turn I draw one for each side. There's a 50/50 mix of good and bad events which can effect either a single unit, a whole army or even both sides altogether. There are a total of 36 and I've added a pair of dice so I can roll up results rather than have to print them out as I have with the terrain cards above. You can download a copy here.


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