Wednesday 18 July 2018

Fantasy Skirmish Warband

I know right? Rumours of my demise and all that but hey, I've actually gone and posted something!

Despite the near deafening silence hereabouts things have been happening. Admittedly mostly spending money and going places but some work has been going on as is evidenced by the following.

These chaps are my new fantasy skirmish warband, good for Frostgrave, Mordheim or whatever. Mostly GW plastic orcs, upgraded with some Mordheim, Savage Orc, Space Ork and Empire bits.

The night goblin shaman is a metal fig, undergoing his apprenticeship in all things tribal magic from his larger (and substantially thicker) mentor.

Now if only Ev will finish his warband we could get some games in :-)

Hopefully things will pick up around here now. I've got some very nearly finished Epic Imperial Guard Sentinels on the painting desk so they should appear on the weekend.

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