Millsy's Classic Wargames Books

This is a list of all the "classic" books I've collected on wargaming. Most are 20-30 years old at the very least. I wrote a post about the value of these books some time ago and have found the following sites of great interest / use in expanding my collection:

Here's a list of authors I've been compiling. If I'm missing any please let me know!
And now, on to my books!


  1. Great collection. We obviously share a passion here!

  2. Wonderful collection! I am very envious :)

  3. Having been directed by your latest post, I stumble upon your simply fantastic collection of classics! Many of these have found their way into my collection too. I am especially fond of Morschauser and Wesencraft. What, no Wesencraft "With Musket and Pike?"

    Great stuff!

    1. Oh I definitely have a copy of that! The thumbnails don't show the full collection unfortunately but if you click the "my collection" link at the end of the first paragraph you can see the full list on LibraryThing.

  4. Hey Millsy - I made it here from your post in October 2016. FANTASTIC collection, mate - some brilliant books there, and a lifetime of fun with friends as you play through the scenarios and campaigns.


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