Saturday 18 January 2020

Ev's Challenge - Day 28 - Not Even At Base Camp!

Greetings, Paint Fans, and welcome to the first of my entries for The Tenth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!

Doughty painters from the four corners of the circular globe are gathered at Challenge Island, landing on its deadly shores and beating their several paths into the interior to make their final assault on Snowlord's Peak...

Not exactly covering myself with glory this time round, I'm afraid. It's been a busy new year so far, and if I'm to meet my target of 400 points, I'd better get a move on.

I've made landfall at Sander's Sand Dunes, in the NW corner of Challenge Island. The stipulation for this locale is the colour red. Submit anything you like, as long as it features red. So here's my first entry for Challenge X.

It's the Orruk Megaboss, from GW's Warhammer Age of Sigmar. And no, I'm not buying into the new lawyered-up naming conventions. He's an Orc, pure and simple!

He was a gift from my young friend Patrick, who brought him back from a visit to Warhammer World in Nottingham (Rich Nerd Central). Given the fact that Paddy had gone to so much trouble, I couldn't not paint him up for the Challenge!

Stupid IP-protective names aside, it's a lovely figure. The assembly can be fiddly, but it avoids the solid-across-the-hems look of previous GW Orcs. I painted the head before adding the jaw plate, since it would have been nigh-impossible to get to otherwise. The sometimes tedious business of painting sub-assemblies is worth the extra time taken.

The base was built up with Milliput over an extruded foam core, and assorted Skullz were scattered around the resultant rocky outcrop (it's virtually the law when it comes to basing GW figures). I was going for a wind-scoured sandstone look, and I think it turned out nicely.

What's next? Well, I really have to produce a Curtgeld figure as the price of admission to Challenge X, but I'm to-ing and fro-ing on what it should be... Better be something pretty bloody spectacular if I'm to get some serious points on the board!

Stay tuned...!


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