Tuesday 28 December 2010

Gaming Plan 2011

So 2010 is nearly done which means only one thing - another gaming year ahead!

I've been a busy lad in 2010, even with an overseas trip jammed into the latter half of the year. Until now I've not really quantified my painting totals for a year so it is hard to be sure this was the biggest. From now on I'll have a much better idea of total output. I doubt it will ever exceed "input" but that's all just part of the fun! ;-)

So what's on the cards for 2011?

First up is more 15mm Napoleonics using Shako II. We're off to CANCON in late January for a decent sized demo game. I'm hoping to take 12 battalions of foot, 4 regiments of horse and 3 batteries of artillery. The painting is nearly complete so that looks achieveable. I'm also about halfway through a house set of campaign rules which Nug and I plan to use for an 1807 campaign in Poland. Following that there will be a third infantry division to paint and some more horse.

Cory and I have started up a 28mm Nappy skirmish project using Song of Drum and Shakos. When I say "we did" I really mean "I did and he didn't argue" since I bought the rules and offered to paint all his figs. We really only need about 20 figs each max so that will probably turn into 50 or so but to quote the ancient Japanese term of definace - sosueme.

I'm also working on a second 28mm HOTT army, Elves this time using mostly older GW plastics bought off eBay. I've got the majority of the figs now and will start painting after January. I may start a third army, most likely Orcs as we need some nasties. Or maybe I should do some work on the Conquistadors seeing as they sit accusingly on the painting table as I type.

Having sold my Russian Flames of War armour to Cory I'll be painting a replacement. Given it is only 30 or so tanks and armoured cars that should be a doddle to knock off. I may try and cut through some of the unpainted DAK as well.

Adam from WA twisted my arm (ever so gently as it as alreay 99% out of the socket) so I'm getting into 28mm Wars of the Roses skirmish using Perry plastics and metals and a modified set of GW Lord of the Rings rules. I've wanted an excuse to play with these for ages so hurrah for Adam. I scored a condensed LotR mini-rulebook off eBay and there are 50 or so figs in the post for my birthday. Mwahahahaha...

Other stuff to be (possibly) started and/or finished includes the 28mm Sudanese project using TSATF and mostly Perry plus a few Copplestone figs. I'm waiting on Perry plastic Mahdists before really kicking that off. My 15mm FoG Burgundians also need a few reinforcements, mostly knights which I've already bought. And then there's the 15mm sci-fi project I've been thinking about...

Is it just me or does this kind of planning really fire other gamers up too? I'm off to pick up the paint brush!


Thursday 23 December 2010

By the Emperor's Gingerbread Landraider!

In the grim dark future there is only sugar. And ginger. And cavities!

When grown men watch lifestyle television strange things are bound to happen. When those men are gamers then things will rapidly go from bad to, um, worse. Havign seen some admittedly "OK" gingerbread houses Millsy and Russ decided they could do better. But why build a house when the Emperor demands so much more?

Here' some pics of the landraider going from the drawing board all the way to completion. Thanks to Build 40K for the handy DIY landraider templates...

And now for the assembly. Twin linked? You fools!!!

Now all we have to do is eat it. Considering how much gingerbread, icing and other stuff we ate "because they're extras and we shouldn't waste them" that might take a little while. Like maybe til NEXT Christmas.

Merry Christmas all and may the Emperor's Blessings be upon you.

Starfuhrers Millsy and Russ.

Last of the 15mm Napoleonics (for now)...

Me again. French Napoleonics again! ;-)

This is the last batch for now until, as already noted, Mr Postman arrives. Or Santa. At least I know when he'll deliver I suppose...

These are the first two battalions of my second infantry division. There will be another four line battalions to complement these two lights. As I'm basing my army loosely around Friedland I thought I'd go with greatcoats for these lads for that wintery feel. These are Fantassin / Warmodelling miniatures ordered direct from Spain. More on that below where I'll provide a bit of analysis on their relative merits.

But first, the pics.

So now for a bit of opinionated discourse, otherwise known as a "review". As stated above, these are Fantassin / Warmodelling miniatures ordered direct from Spain.

Not bad but certainly not the best I have experienced either. The miniatures were posted roughly 2.5 weeks after I placed my order. The only communication I received was when I asked about the order status after two weeks with no word yet received. I was assured they would ship the next day. In fact they shipped 3 days later.

Postage & Packaging
No issues with postage, all were neatly bagged up and sent in a well padded envelope. Postage costs were very reasonable indeed.

One bag was not as ordered which meant I missed some of the variety I deliberately worked towards. One or two other miniatures were mis-packed so I was short a couple of elite company figs. Fortunately the extras I bought covered for that. No explanation on the swapped bag so I would say that was an oversight.

Slightly cheaper than AB per firgure. Probably about the same or a bit under value for money when you compare everything else.

Figure Quality
Again, not the best but certainly good enough for the rank and file. At least 2 poses for most ranks means the units have a nice realistic look whilst still looking like a homogenous battalion. A couple of poses are a bit on the distorted side, possibly due to the molds being on the way out. Proportinally the figs are quite nice and despite what I have read elsewhere I didn't think the backpacks were too narrow really. I will say that the figs on the site appeared to have some in shakos with cords but all I received were covered shakos which was disappointing.

Fit with Other Manufacturers
These are on the taller side of 15mm and fit well with AB and Eureka at this scale, hence my willingness to give them a try.

Overall Rating
6.5/10. You're in a hard market when you're up against AB Miniatures (for that actual figs) and Eureka Miniatures for sales and service. Both are best-of-breed IMHO.

Would I use them again? Probably not given everything around shipping, packing, etc.
Will I keep them? Certainly. They look fine painted up and mix well with everything else.

That's all from me for now. If you're reading this (please Lord let me have a reader or three!) then have a merry and safe Christmas.


Wednesday 22 December 2010

Even more 15mm Napoleonics

Nearly there now for the big run of Nappy posts I promise. These are 4 units of DPS painted AB Miniatures, all touched up and rebased into 24s. I'm not sure what blue they use for French uniforms but it is a fair bit too bright. These look much better than before IMHO.

Next up is a couple of units of Legere in greatcoats which should be done later tonight. From there I'm having to go on hold (gasp!) until the postman is kind to me and delivers the next batch. Bugger...


Tuesday 21 December 2010

More 15mm Napoleonics

Well you can't say you weren't warned! Here's another batch of French stuff hot off the basing table. These are all AB Miniatures once again.

The Legere are commission stuff I had done by DPS some time ago, however I've increased the unit sizes, painting filler figs myself and also rebased them entirely. If you are interested you can read my little rant about DSP here.

The cavalry are the 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers before they received their cuirass. Later they were incorporated as a full French cuirassier regiment but for my army they appear in light blue and white with helmets only. At Friedland they formed part of Ney's VI Corps, along with the 2nd Dutch Hussars. They're next onto the painting table once the arrive from Eureka.

Comments welcome as always...


Monday 20 December 2010

15mm French Napoleonics

A bunch of us are off to Canberra for CANCON early in the new year. We're doing a demo game of Shako II with the glorious French army taking on the Russian scumbags from the East.

Here's a few pics of my recently finished staff and artillery. These are all AB Miniatures from Eureka Miniatures here in Australia. I've painted a lot of 15mm (these are really closer to 18mm) but I have never painted anything as lovely as these. The quality of the sculpting is better than many larger minaitures and there is certainly no comparison at this scale.

The light is very bright so the pics are a little high on the contrast side. Remeber to click for larger versions.




There's a lot of other material nearly finished as well so there will be a good few posts in quick succession as these get completed.


Tuesday 14 December 2010

TGN Blog Network

We've joined the TGN Blog Network, a great network of wargames blog sites which aggregates blog posts into one handy place. Wander on over and see what else is going on in the wargaming world...


Tuesday 7 December 2010

Nug's Eye Candy

Well I have been abused for not blogging my miniatures, so I have started taking some pictures and hope to add them to the site over time. I am currently working on Russian 15mm Napoleonics army which I will add in another post, along with FoG Mid Republic Romans, Ordanannance French, FoW Armoured Panzergrenadiers and others.

To start with though I have chosen something fun from Space Hulk - the Genestealer broodlord and the Librarian. They were both very easy and fun to paint but I really loved the poses for the genestealers they have a HR Giger feel (I know GW ripped off the movie Aliens but they did it well).

Next to it is the Librarian. The Terminators really rock but the Librarian was a cut above. There is so much detail and variation on each minitaure they cry out for extra love and attention.

No doubt I will in the process of my blogs affront Cory with my camera skills (or lack of) and Mike by my poor grammar but old people are easily upset :o) Russ will back me up.


Sunday 5 December 2010

Napoleonic progress report

Nothing to photograph today as nothing is quite finished. I feel bound to report some progress though to keep the blog ticking over.

I've now finished painting almost all my staff for my 1807(ish) French 15mm Napoleonics. The remaining two staff are sitting downstairs with the undercoat drying as I type.

That brings the force to the following (glued to bases but as yet "unbased" if you know what I mean):
  • 1 x C-in-C
  • 2 x General of Division
  • 4 x ADC
  • 1 x 12pdr line foot battery
  • 1 x 8pdr line foot battery
  • 4 x line infantry
  • 2 x light infantry
  • 2 x dragoons
On the painting table:
  • 1 x General of Division
  • 1 x 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers
In the post on Monday from Fantassin (or so I've been told!):
  • 4 x line infantry in greatcoats
  • 2 x light infantry in greatcoats
All of the existing line and light infantry are re-based figs I had painted by Dragon Painting Services. They were in 16s and I've painted up the odd figs to make them into 24s. Overall the DPS quality is OK but having now painted a reasonable number for myself I think they are definitely not worth the money for what you get. I can do better at a pretty speedy rate (although probably not the speed DPS paint at).

For some strange reason DPS also refuse to charge a different price for unbased figs which is really odd. Surely that requires a lot less effort and materials? More importantly, you have extraordinary difficulty in understanding your requirements. When I placed my order I supplied a very detailed document which even included all the picture references they needed, most based on units they had already painted. Somehow they still managed to completely bugger it up and had to repaint the whole force. To be fair they offered to paint  two units of dragoons for free in recompense but then buggered up the basing on those too! I can't see myself ever using or recommending their service again.

Anyway, enough DPS bashing. I've rebased and fixed their painting errors and hopefully that will be the end of it. Can't wait for the Fantassin stuff to arrive. Almost as nice as AB in terms of sculpts and cheaper to boot.

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