Sunday 26 August 2018

New Project: Konflikt '47 Weird War II

OK, so mistakes were made. The "no new projects until I've finished some existing projects" resolution kind of got lost in the shiny madness of new toys and interesting fluff. I'm blaming my mate Pete. Yeah, that's it. It's HIS fault.

I've always been pretty interested in the whole Weird War II thing but never had a sufficient reason to pursue it until Pete mentioned he'd been looking at Konflikt '47. That's Warlord Games' take on the the whole "What if things are not what they seem and WWII goes off the historical rails?" idea. A couple of days of reading and pondering and a US Starter Set plus a couple of upgrade blister were in the post. They arrived this week and today I finished painting up my Heavy Infantry, Heavy Bazooka Team (both in powered armour) and also a Light Walker mech thingy.

The models are absolutely lovely! Wonderfully sculpted, very characterful and they go together very nicely indeed. Painting is a breeze and great fun to boot.

So my first three units are done and next up is my M4A9 Sherman-T (the T is for Telsa! Woot!) which is already assembled and primed. It comes with a normal turret too so you can do proper WWII which is pretty nifty. Following that there will be some Doughboys and I will be done with my starter army.

Stay tuned for more goodness...


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