Saturday 30 May 2020

Solo Fantasy Campaign - Battle of Ironwald (1)

The first battle of my solo fantasy campaign sees the Orcs get the jump on the Empire of Man and attempt to consolidate their hold on the North, attacking Ironwald from Mageholt with support from Lochpine. The Orcs rolled better when generating army total points and have the larger force.

Attacker - Orcs

Force total: 30 + 1d4(3) + 1d4(3) = 36 points

  • Warboss x 1
  • Orc Skirmishers x 3
  • Orc Warriors x 3
  • Orc Wolf Riders x 2
  • Trolls x 1

Total: Warboss + 9 units
Exhaustion Point: 12

Defender - Empire of Man

Force total: 30 + 1d8(1) = 31 points

  • General x 1
  • Handgunners x 1
  • Halberdiers x 2
  • Crossbowmen x 1
  • Knights x 3

Total: General + 7 units
Exhaustion Point: 10

The Battlefield

The battlefield is rolling countryside, dotted with low hills, open woodland and some enclosed farmland.

The Battle

The Empire of Man are blocking the road with the cavalry, with supporting infantry on either flank. The Orcs look to smash the Empire centre with their heavy infantry, while skirmishers advance through the fields on the right supported by a unit of trolls and the wolf riders push up on the left.

Turn 1
The Orcs advance straight forward and are met by the Empire forces. The Orcs cause havoc, wounding three Empire units including two knights with their first charge,

Turn 2
Driven back, the Empire forces consolidate and fight back strongly.

Turn 3
The Orcs attempt to press their advantage with a unit of wolf riders flanking the Empire's right.

Turn 4
Despite being under pressure the Empire forces hold firm, inflict more wounds and rebuff the flanking wolf riders.

Turn 5
Turn 5 sees the first of many casualties, with the Orcs coming off worse despite their numerical advantage.

Turn 6
Both sides are badly knocked around but the Orcs are worse off and have reached their exhaustion point. Blaming everyone but himself the Orc commander withdraws from the field to lick his wounds. A memorable victory for The Empire of Man against the odds.

So that's the first campaign turn over with and victory goes to The Empire of Man ensuring they hold Ironwald. They can no look to go on the offensive and turn the table on the Orcs. Here's a few shots of the troops in melee.


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