Saturday 27 December 2014

Painting Challenge Update

Hi All,

My latest entries have been up on the Challenge blog for a while now so I can post them here.
I won't go into great detail on either, rather I'll direct you to the relevant blog entries.

First up is a pile of 15mm sci-fi from a variety of manufacturers. In total its 54 x regular infantry,
2 x mortars and crew, 9 x battle suit infantry, a mech, a command truck, 2 x missile carrying APCs and 4 x recon jeeps. They're painted up as the Titan Marines Rigel 7 Desert Campaign Force of 3012NC... aka "Herbie Goes to Rigel 7". Sod's Law showed up right on time and I found a pile more stuff I could have painted when I was putting these away. :-)

All the vehicles save the mech are repainted Matchbox diecast model cars. The miniatures are a mix of Rebel Minis and Khurasan. In total this netted me 194 points. View the detailed post here.

My other recent entry was another unit of Savage Orcs (Da Grey Skulz) and a couple of heroes for my growing Warhammer army. This was a unit of vanilla Orc Boyz and worth 135 points. I'm still umming and ahhing about the shields as I don't have enough of any one style to do all the units in the army. View the detailed post here.

And to prove I'm not slacking off here's a picture of the chaos that passes for my painting desk.
Even I'm not quite sure what's going on here and in fact this morning another two projects got added. C'est la vie!

Finally, for those who think I don't sleep, here's conclusive proof I do. Face down in the models. Mostly when the coffee wears off... :-)


Friday 26 December 2014

Old school books and brand new brushes

Hello all! I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you what you wanted.
For once I was able to escape without adding to the lead pile. That doesn't mean I there was nothing gaming related under the tree however, just that it doesn't require painting...

This year I was lucky enough to score three new items for my classic wargaming book collection, including a copy of Sham-battle - How to Play with Toy Soldiers by Lieut. Harry G. Dowdall and Joseph H. Gleason. Its in in really good nick and I'm pretty excited about this one as it is a 1929 first edition with a really solid binding, very little foxing and is generally in tip-top shape for something this old and rare.

Alongside that I also picked up a couple of "stocking fillers" which are very generalist and which I really only want to complete holes in the collection as they don't contain much of anything revolutionary in terms of gaming lore. Its still great to have them none-the-less and so A Guide to Wargaming by George Gush & Andrew Finch and Beginner's Guide to Wargaming by Bruce Quarrie have both been added to the catalogue now, bring the collection to a total of 59 books now.

In addition to those I was also gifted a box of a dozen new A.J. Leeman Hobbies 2/0 brushes which are my go-to for about 80% of my painting. I absolutely love these things and despite my best efforts to care form them I go through roughly one a month. My FLGS has been bought out recently (sad face) and they are not stocking these any more I don't believe. Thankfully this should keep me in brushes for a good year or so.

That's all from me today. Hopefully Curt will post my next two challenge entries some time today so I can show them off here sooner rather than later!


Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers!

It's that time of year once again it seems. Another year has flown past here on the C&G blog, with lots of games, painting and associated craziness. Thanks for popping by and being a part of our madness yet again...

I'm unlikely to post again before Santa arrives so best wishes to all our friends and followers from Millsy, Evan, Nug, Cory, Russ, Bob, Graeme, Marcus, Adam, George, Andy and all the hangers on. Merry Christmas all!

That can only mean one thing, time for the Ogre of Christmas to make his annual appearance.


Monday 15 December 2014

Painting Challenge V Week One

Well, my first week chained to the challenge painting table is behind me and I'm pleased to report very solid progress indeed. In fact, I'm currently sitting top-o-the-heap with 430 points to my name and well on my way to reaching my 2,000 point target.

This past week I've completed a total of three entries as follows:

28mm English Civil War Dismounted Dragoons x 24

28mm Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Skinks x 20

15mm Flames of War Naval Infantry x 102

My first bonus round entry has been submitted and I've already got another entry 90% complete to be posted on my rostered day this Thursday coming. Stay tuned for more...


Sunday 7 December 2014

Savage Sunday

First up, a big welcome to Bill, Dwarfy Mcgee, SteveH, thefrenchjester, bierhausser, w.vdberghe, Doc and bluebearjeff who have all joined us since our last welcome. Glad to have you aboard folks!

So the last 48 hours have been something of a painting blur as I power through my first batch of Challenge entries. In fact, I have just dashed back inside from photographing them as yet another storm in our seemingly endless run rolled in. Talk about cutting in fine. I wonder if Curt offers bonus points for dangerous photography?

At the same time I finally managed to photograph the two most recent additions to my Savage Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy, painted pre-Challenge. And here they are...

Da Pink Panfas... Dakka-dakka-dakka!

And another four Stone Trolls, this time official GW miniatures instead of (exceptionally good) knock-offs I bought thinking they were genuine.

Here they are lined up as a honking great big unit of eight. Enough to strike fear into any opposing force I'm hoping. Of course they might just die laughing instead...

That's your lot for today. I've go challenge entries to paint!

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