Thursday 25 September 2008

Corvus Belli Carthaginian Figures

I did a lot of comparison and research when choosing a manufacturer for my figures. In the end it turned out that Corvus Belli, a Spanish company, is by far the best for 15mm Carthaginians figs IMHO. Quite a few people on the FoG Forum backed this up.

The Corvus Belli range is great. The figs are well proportioned and animated and the sculpting very detailed. Some weapons come loose with an open handed cast so you can change things around for extra variety.

I'm still waiting on a few bags of cavalry but otherwise this is the pile I have to deal with in the near future...

I'm going with an MDF base and then magnets on the underside for ease of travel. There are a couple of guys on eBay who sell pre-cut MDF in appropriate sizes at very reasonable prices and I've picked up a bunch of A4 sheet magnet with a sticky back so assembly should go simply.

One of the other guys in our group has found a supplier of detailed resin tents in 15mm (Baueda) so I've snaffled something Roman (in true Carthaginian style!) to go with some cattle and civilian style Corvus Belli figs for my camp.

That's about all for now. Next up, unbagging and starting work (groan!).


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