Tuesday 22 March 2011

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 2 notes

Her are my photo details from round 2.

for those who are not aware of the competition have a look here, its pretty cool


So here is the pic in question

The Figures

All the figures this time are from Bob Murch's Pulp figures which as everyone knows are brilliant. Olga is a She Wolf while the rest of the lads are German Seebataillon Troops apart from 1 rifleman who is a ring in from Notorious Warlord Chun King & command

With no theme for the second round, I just choose 5 figs that I thought would look well together, and since I'll have a diiferent set of soldiers in a later round I thought it would be best to separate them a bit.

As before all figs were painted with acrylic paints being a mix of humbrol, vallejo, then magic ink (sepia) washed.

And yes still with the gloss varnish :-) it looks good on the table I promise but my pics are suffering.

I am only painting up about 20% of the figs needed for the comp as I go, I'm more interested in the competition as a way to force me to take more pics of my figs.

Taking the photo

I took the photo using a Pentax K-7, with a 90mm lens on a 1 sec exposure (with a cable release) at F36 using a mix of natural and Fluro light. I manually set the white balance again but the colour if anything is worse that the previous one - too green ! It is a bit frustrating as I'm a reasonably good photographer normally but my macro stuff just isn't up to the mark. From now on I'll be doing my editing on my wife's PC and hopefully that will improve things.

I'm going a bit better in the voting this week but it looks like the gloss varnish is even more disliked than I thought which does not bode well, anyway more next week

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