Thursday 14 April 2011

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 5

Here are my photo details from round 5.

for those who are not aware of the competition have a look here, its pretty cool

my first win last week - Yeah!

So here is the pic in question

The Figures

These are a mix of figs with 3 figs from Bob Murch's Pulp figures Safari, with a little modification. I added a slung rifle to the female fig and used a redoubt ECW head to swap on the fig reloading the rifle. Then there is Rocky O'Rourke from Artizan and an American adventure from Copplestone Casting. As before all figs were painted with acrylic paints being a mix of humbrol, vallejo, then magic ink (sepia) wash.

finished up with ... you guessed it, gloss varnish

Taking the photo

I took the photo using a Pentax K-7, with a 90mm lens on a 3 sec exposure (with a cable release) at F36 again with only natural light, that's why it's so much longer an exposure. This seems to have worked a lot better despite looking incredibly dark before editing. Still almost no shadows which is great. Leaving the white balance on cloudy is still working well.

I also thought taking the pic from the plastic dinosaur's POV was cool too

This week gloss hate has reared its ugly head again :-) and I am being savaged in the voting which is a bit of a downer since I think its my best pic so far, but apart from re varnishing my figs there is not much I can do

till next week

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