Saturday 14 July 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Undead

A tale of six gunmen and a whole mess o zombies...

On Friday night the lads (minus Nug) gathered at Chez Millsy for a western skirmish using a modified version of Shootist.

As it was Friday the 13th we decided to forgo the usual straight up gun slinging duel and play a last man standing zombie apocalypse, wild west style. The premise was that Gutless Bob found a horde of Aztec gold and brought it back to the saloon in San Jauntonio. Little did he suspect the gold was cursed. Duh! When is it NOT cursed? The inevitable followed and so began The Good, the Bad and the Undead.

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We started with a handful of zombies on table and every turn added up to d6 more. In order to survive the six lonely gunmen would need to kill zombies faster than they could wander in from the badlands. The zombies moved at half speed and could only melee although they were quite good at it. Any successful shot to the head or body by a gunman would kill a zombie, anything else and they just keep on coming.

All gunmen started with a full load of ammo and could reload from any of the crates scattered about town. The problems really started when ammo ran low and the crates were in areas loaded with the walking dead. At the height of the game we had 40+ zombies shambling and moaning their way about the table, eager for gunslinger brains. One by one the gunmen fell but not before each took their fill of undead...

First to die was Angry Earp (Cory). Armed with a heavy pistol and a knife he would hit but not kill when shooting. Eventually he disposed of 4 zombies including 1 in hand-to-hand. He died from having his head torn off, was reanimated as a zombie and then killed a second time by Gutless Bob.

Second to fall was Dangerous Dan (Russ), toting a shotgun and pistol. He killed 8 including 1 in hand-to-hand before having his heart torn still beating from his chest. Unlike most he went to a peaceful grave.

Third to go was Black Bart (Millsy). An ambidextrous gunman with two pistols he too was prone to hit but not kill when shooting. He fell alongside Angry Earp and the zombies used Earp's entrails to strangle him to death. Before he went he killed 5 zombies all by gun. He also came back shambling.

Fourth down was Corporal Punishment (Ian) with his rifle and pistol. He killed 8 including 1 in hand-to-hand before being ripped to shreds by a large horde. He also came back to haunt his fellow gunslingers.

Fifth to die was Gutless Bob (Bob!), the cause of all the trouble in the first place. Armed with a heavy pistol he killed 10 zombies including 3 in hand-to-hand. His was to be pulled in two like a human wishbone in a zombie tug-of-war. Justice of sorts...

Last man standing was Coyote Smith (Graeme) with his two revolvers and a knife. He killed 7 including 1 in hand-to-hand before he was cornered against a building and had his short rib drawn out the hard way.

And so the inevitable happened. All the gunmen died but not before they killed a total of 42 zombies between them. Great fun for all with plenty of laughs, usually at the misfortune of others. Credit to Russ for a genius idea in putting a Friday the 13th twist on a western gunfight.

Til next time...

Millsy and the lads

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  1. Great idea and nice pictures. Thanks for the report.


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