Thursday 27 December 2012

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013...

So that's another year of gaming almost under the bridge. Another rather productive one to be precise, both in terms of painting output, games played and blogging activities.

On the blogging front the number of posts (57 for the year including this one) and the number of followers (now 60 and almost double last Christmas) have grown at a pleasing and steady rate. My good mate Evan and I also started up a new blog entitled Die Kriege des Zobelshuts to chart our progress on a new Age of Reason imagi-nations project. We also joined Emperor vs. Elector and had some terrific blogging fun over there too.

Painting has gone mostly to the plan I established last Christmas, although not without some quite significant diversions. I had four main projects for the year so how did I do in 2012?

Warhammer Dogs of War
Solid progress to say the least. A good number of units painted and a couple of games played to boot. See below for what got completed.

Gruntz 15mm
Whoops. Some progress made, mostly finishing up my New Israelis and the vehicles for my second force. On the plus side I made great strides in 15mm sci-fi terrain so not all bad.

Colonial Sudan
Really good progress here with plenty of Empire and Mahdist units painted plus a couple of cracking games played to boot. Cap it off with both a village and a fort in cork all complete and it was a great year for colonials.

1938 A Very British Civil War
A bit of a bust on the VBCW front. Next to nothing painted apart from a single unit of White Russians. A couple of games played here too but we're not 100% happy with the rules we're using so we're going to try again soon with Disposable Heroes.

All things aside though, I made massive strides elsewhere when there were previously no plans to do so (hapy days!). In addition to the above I managed to complete the following:
  • The best part of 180 x 28mm English Civil War pike and shotte miniatures, plus rebasing all my cavalry
  • A very large chunk of a 2,000 point Flames of War MW German Grenadier force for the Ostfront
  • A monstrous amount of desert defences for Flames of War, used to great effect in our Alamein game
  • Two regiments of 15mm French Napoleonic Chasseurs, plus a good few games with Nug
  • Rebasing of approximately 80 x 28mm SYW figures, painting of another 20 and a bunch of other reorganisation

Phew! Quite a list if I say so myself... Not that I expect you to believe me without proof so here's some documentary evidence of the year gone. ;-)

So what's on the books for 2013? Plenty of games I hope, plus the following painting:
  • Some more ECW, mostly command stands plus a unit of dragoons
  • A division of Saxons in 15mm for my Napoleonic force
  • The remaining grenadier platoons for my Flames of War MW German Grenadiers
  • About 30 or so 28mm Napoleonics for Cory and I for skirmish games
    and finally...
  • A very large number (200+) 28mm imagi-nation troops for both Evan and myself
Right, that's all that needs to be said to close off 2012. Thanks for popping by during the year and for all the positive comments and feedback. Thanks also to all the other bloggers who share their work and enthusiasm. It's a great motivator and a huge pick-me-up when tired or lacking drive.

Best wishes all and here's to a great 2013 for all of us!



  1. My word that is impressive, especially when you see the pictures. A little like yourself, my diversions seem to have been more successful than the intended projects!

  2. I stand amazed.

    Amazed and ashamed, in fact; I managed around 10 figs in total this year...


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