Monday 6 January 2014

Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Force Complete

With the Painting Challenge pushing me along I'm cranking completed stuff out a cracking pace. As a consequence I'm happy to report I've finished my Kingdom of Britannia Force for Dystopian Wars. Not bad considering I started about two weeks ago. :-)

In total the force now stands at around 1250 game points which is more than enough til the rest of the lads catch up. The last stuff to be added was a dreadnought...

...and an Eagle Class War Rotor, two Doncaster Bombers and two Scout Class War Rotors.

Roll over and play dead.
You can view the rest of the force here.

Just quickly before I finish up, everyone here at C&G wishes our friends and their families all the best for 2014. Happy New Year folks.



  1. I missed posting on Curt's pages when you submitted these, so I thought I'd comment here. They look tremendous, Millsy - really very splendid indeed!

    1. Thanks Sidney, both for your positive comment and for taking the time after missing them on Curt's blog.

  2. Oh my these really are seriously cool! Just sensational stuff Millsy.

  3. Thanks mate. I should never have attempted them for the challenge as they were a huge time sink but the effort paid off in the finished product so I'm happy with that.


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