Tuesday 4 March 2014

40K Techmarine with Servo-harness

Time to show off my painting challenge "favourite character" bonus round entry. To be honest I feel a bit like I phoned this one in. It's more of a favourite model than favourite character, but anyways...

This joker is one of my all time favourite models from the GW stable. He was quite a challenge to paint, not so much because it is a complicated model, but more because every time I thought I was done I found something else that needed doing. I suspect that might continue beyond the challenge as well! Plus there was the fact I really wanted this to come out how I envisioned it and inevitably when I think like that I get frustrated and things go astray.

I had originally intended to attach all the arms with neodymium magnets but in the end that proved impractical. The upper servo arms are simply too heavy for a magnet of the size that can be fitted into the joint so they were pinned in place. The lower arms have magnets fitted after drilling out though. This required some very careful work as fitting a 2mm width magnet into a socket drilled into a joint barely wider than 3mm wide is quite a task (but also reassuring as it means my 44 year old peepers are clearly still working well). At least with the lower arms removable it means he has a slimmer profile side to side for transport.

Painting-wise it follows the same pattern as the rest of the army. White enamel undercoat, followed by a series of layers building up depth with inks, washes and blending. In total it was about 13 hours but worth of effort every minute I think.



  1. Just wouldn't know where to start with something like that, awesome job Sir.

  2. Excellent work, Michael, your Space Marine force will soon be smiting all and sundry FOR THE EMPEROR!!!
    ; )

  3. Very, very nice! I'm back to historical at the moment, but I still like seeing Space Marines - especially excellent work like this!


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