Thursday 29 January 2015

150,000 Page Views

It seems we have passed the 150,000 page views milestone here on the C&G blog some time in the last few days. Considering we only passed the 100K mark back in July 2014 that's something I find quite remarkable. We've now reached 220 followers too which is an increase of 50 and which has a lot to do with the increasing traffic I imagine.

Thanks everyone who drops by, leaves comments and indulges in the banter. Gaming and painting is fun but never more so than when you do it in good company.

All the best,
Millsy and Ev (plus hangers on)


  1. Congrats Michael, waiting for the million!

  2. Well all that increased traffic and followers comes form the awesome content
    Congrats and thanks for the great eye candy!

  3. Bravo Chaps, a cracking milestone - here's to many more, I know that I shall certainly be contributing to the tally.

  4. Congratulations! 50,000 hits since July? Terrific! Does that correspond to the launch of Wargame Bloggers' Quarterly?

  5. Congratulations, chaps! A great result.

  6. Congratulations, chaps! A great result.

  7. Thanks to all those friends, followers, and visitors who've rolled up and become a part of the C&G crowd.

    Your comments, observations, and your ongoing support all help to make Canister & Grape the peculiar and (I hope) lovable monster it is today; I'd like to think that we can cover a good many areas of interest without trying too hard to be 'all things to all people' (that way lies madness...!).

    Ours is a unique hobby, and one whose sense of camaraderie now spans continents, thanks to the wonders of t'internet. While I've had many hobbies and interests over the years, I can think of none which have given me as much contact with so many other fine and decent human beings across the world. So many different personalities, backgrounds, occupations, and nationalities, all united by the fact that we all enjoy a little downtime at the old paint table and a friendly game or two with like-minded folk.

    Thank you one and all, visitors, followers, fellow bloggers; it's you who keep us going!

  8. Congratulations! Very well done!


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