Sunday 22 March 2015

Ahhhh.... it's time to relax!

Appropriate words in light of the fact the 5th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is over for another year. My own meagre contribution of 3,204 points seems to have garnered a tie with Miles for third place, a result that seems more in keeping with the evil machinations of our host than anything else. Curt "This isn't rigged no way, not at all, you can trust me I'm Canadian" Campbell is after all a showman first and foremost and loves a dramatic ending above all else.

According to our resident statistical nemesis Miles that's an increase on last year of 1,256 points or some sort of positive percentage type number thing. Irrespective it means I painted more stuff. That amount of stuff in in fact 110 x 10mm miniatures, 181 x 15mm miniatures, 15 x 20mm miniatures and 370 x 28mm miniatures. Throw in something like a dozen 15mm and 28mm vehicles and a similar number of war machines and crew served weapons and it all ads up. To simplify things it equates to 641 or thereabouts 28mm infantry. I'd like to say that's a significant dent in the unpainted mountain but it isn't. OK, it might be a small one, a very small one.

Along the way I completed a long standing ECW army project...

An entire 15mm Gruntz sci-fi army...

Traded insults, laughs, taunts and prizes with DaveD...

And raced MilesR to a tied finish, a GIMP jibe and a mental image that Curt will likely need bleach to remove. Fortunately DaveD buys the stuff in bulk so I'm sure he has a bottle or two to share...

In between I managed to jam in all the design work for Issue 3 of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly...

And did quite a bit more design work on the estimable Mr Simon Miller's forthcoming print edition of To the Strongest! wargame rules.

At some point in the next few weeks I'll be doing a wrap up post with a few shots of the entire painted haul together but for now it's raining cats and dogs, there's a book to be read and an album or three to be listed to without a brush in hand.

Thanks for popping by. Now that I have some more spare time I'll be returning to a more regular posting schedule so Evan can relax and clean out his belly button fluff or whatever it is he does in his own moments of respite.



  1. "Millsy's a GIMP!, Millsy's a GIMP! Millsy's a GIMP!"

    Congrats on the joint 3rd place mate. I'd forgotten that I somehow finished ahead of you last year -how on Earth did that happen?

    That was a very impressive output by the 5 of you ahead of me. Bravo!

    But next time, please do something about damping down the dust you all kick up :)

  2. It would have been nice to see some camels..

    Millsy's a GIMP...

    But hey great job overall matey, some cracking stuff,, My favourite was the unit of officers.. I so empathised with that one!

  3. Amazing output Millsy, and an outstanding and well deserved bronze medal too - Bravo!

  4. You certainly worked hard, and knocked out a fair few figures!! Well done on your joint 3rd place young man!!!

  5. Congrat's on your 3rd place Millsy! Fantastic output.

  6. Congrats on superb showing - a tie does seem suspicious but then again we get to roll forward our spreadsheet dull to next year. I'm game if you are.

    You were a fantastic competitor and I truly enjoyed our duel. I could think of know one better to bestow the coveted "GIMP" award - you earned it, you embody it, you define it - in short "Millsy's a GIMP!"


    I learned a long time ago in matters such as this it's always better to be the award presenter than the presentee!

  7. Well done Mr Mills!

    Congratulations on winning the inaugural GIMP Award as well, you must be so proud!

  8. Congrats sir, a fantastic output!

  9. That's a fairly decent amount of painting that you've managed to do during the challenge! Impressive stuff. Hats of you to you!

  10. Crackin' job Millsy, that was a hell of an effort!

  11. Massive amount of painting. Avery productive hobby time for you. cheers

  12. That is an impressive spread you have there ;)

  13. Very impressive indeed. It is surely nice to relax and take it all in.

  14. An absolutely amazing amount of quality work from one of the Challenge's premier hobbyists. (Trust me on this, I'm Canadian...)

    Well done Millsy!


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