Saturday 28 May 2016

Paint Table Saturday

For the first time in quite literally months it's a wet Saturday which means I have all the excuse I need to stay indoors and wield the brush.

A couple of months back I picked up a couple of rather wonky  and consequently quite cheap Orc chariots on fleaBay. Honestly, do some people people actually try to make a hash of things???

A few hours of work have seen them restored to health and "savaged up". These...

... now look like this...

...and should be done before the weekend is out.

Amazingly, that's the LAST BUT ONE unit in my Savage Orc & Goblin army and takes me to the 5,000 point mark, just in time for our big game on the June long weekend. That's 280 models including 8 trolls, a giant, 2 chariots, 3 war engines, a wyvern and a whole LOAD of rank and file.

Woot! Or more properly... Waaagh!



  1. Pictures , Pictures .... , Pictures ! ! !
    Great looking chariots ! Great job so far !

  2. Excellent work! Always nice to see poorly minis saved.

  3. Very nice recovery work and painting ;)

  4. Nicely done Millsy! Here it's the other way round: raining a lot and next to no sunshine. I still have little painting time since I have tests to mark, oh well.

  5. Great to see some brush wielding there Millsy. Cracking stuff matey


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