40K Catachans

This army gallery is the Warhammer 40K Catachan XXVII aka the Gator Bait. I'm a massive fan of the Perry Brothers line of metal Catachans, especially given how unattractive the plastic models that followed proved to be.

In total the army is comprised of a HQ with Colonel Iron Hand Straken and Sly Marbo, plus a company standard bearer and security details. There's three 25 man platoons (red / yellow / blue) with a full range of supporting weapons and a veteran squad (white) to do the really dirty jobs. In support there's Ogryns, Sentry Guns, a Leman Russ Demolisher, 3 Sentinels with a mix of weapons and finally a Hellhound for clearing jungle and bunkers. All up that's around 120 miniatures and 5 vehicles.

Don't forget the click for larger images. I hope you like them!


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