Thursday 23 December 2010

By the Emperor's Gingerbread Landraider!

In the grim dark future there is only sugar. And ginger. And cavities!

When grown men watch lifestyle television strange things are bound to happen. When those men are gamers then things will rapidly go from bad to, um, worse. Havign seen some admittedly "OK" gingerbread houses Millsy and Russ decided they could do better. But why build a house when the Emperor demands so much more?

Here' some pics of the landraider going from the drawing board all the way to completion. Thanks to Build 40K for the handy DIY landraider templates...

And now for the assembly. Twin linked? You fools!!!

Now all we have to do is eat it. Considering how much gingerbread, icing and other stuff we ate "because they're extras and we shouldn't waste them" that might take a little while. Like maybe til NEXT Christmas.

Merry Christmas all and may the Emperor's Blessings be upon you.

Starfuhrers Millsy and Russ.


  1. By the Emperor's Expanding Waistline!

    A Mark I Gingerbread Land Raider! Pre-Hansel Heresy model!

  2. Oh my!

    When I saw this I laughed so hard I started coughing and coughing and I swear I just about barfed out a lung...

    Brilliant stuff!

    Now to convince my sister to make one of these for the kids to decorate new Xmas...

  3. Update: Unfortunately the Landraider met an unpleasant end. Admittedly I had somewhat weakened the defences by eating the entire front rear and roof sections. Anyway, it seems Chaos Cat was more than a match for it and gave it a good workover one evening while we were "off watch". We ate a bit more but he was eventually sent to the grim dark future in the compost ;-)


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