Sunday 5 December 2010

Napoleonic progress report

Nothing to photograph today as nothing is quite finished. I feel bound to report some progress though to keep the blog ticking over.

I've now finished painting almost all my staff for my 1807(ish) French 15mm Napoleonics. The remaining two staff are sitting downstairs with the undercoat drying as I type.

That brings the force to the following (glued to bases but as yet "unbased" if you know what I mean):
  • 1 x C-in-C
  • 2 x General of Division
  • 4 x ADC
  • 1 x 12pdr line foot battery
  • 1 x 8pdr line foot battery
  • 4 x line infantry
  • 2 x light infantry
  • 2 x dragoons
On the painting table:
  • 1 x General of Division
  • 1 x 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers
In the post on Monday from Fantassin (or so I've been told!):
  • 4 x line infantry in greatcoats
  • 2 x light infantry in greatcoats
All of the existing line and light infantry are re-based figs I had painted by Dragon Painting Services. They were in 16s and I've painted up the odd figs to make them into 24s. Overall the DPS quality is OK but having now painted a reasonable number for myself I think they are definitely not worth the money for what you get. I can do better at a pretty speedy rate (although probably not the speed DPS paint at).

For some strange reason DPS also refuse to charge a different price for unbased figs which is really odd. Surely that requires a lot less effort and materials? More importantly, you have extraordinary difficulty in understanding your requirements. When I placed my order I supplied a very detailed document which even included all the picture references they needed, most based on units they had already painted. Somehow they still managed to completely bugger it up and had to repaint the whole force. To be fair they offered to paint  two units of dragoons for free in recompense but then buggered up the basing on those too! I can't see myself ever using or recommending their service again.

Anyway, enough DPS bashing. I've rebased and fixed their painting errors and hopefully that will be the end of it. Can't wait for the Fantassin stuff to arrive. Almost as nice as AB in terms of sculpts and cheaper to boot.


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