Sunday 11 December 2011

British Naval Brigade in the Sudan

OK, last post for today. Something of a record for even for me, finishing and blogging three different things in one day, especially as I had time to jam in a BBQ and a football match as well! I wonder how long this will last???

Enough rambling! Here's some Naval Brigade for my Sudan colonial campaign. I'm planning on using these with The Sword and the Flame (TSATF) but I'm going to use half-sized units just to keep things under control. Even so I have 80(!) Mahdists to paint during my Christmas break.

I've been in love with these figs since they we first released. The ratings in Sennet hats are Copplestone and the NCOs and officers are Perry Miniatures. If I had to choose I'd say I prefer the Copplestone but only because I prefer the slightly more chunky look to them. They're both absolutely beautiful, mix perfectly and are easily amongst some of the nicest sculpts I've ever bought.

I'm no Kevin Dallimore (darn, the link I had no longer works!) but I'm pretty happy with them all the same. I'll be even happier once the Gardener Gun is also done and I can move on.

Here's a final few pics. I hope you enjoy them!

Edit: I just received a brilliant early Christmas present - a copy of Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice by Major C. E. Callwell of the Royal Artillery, first published in 1899. It's chock full of great stuff about all things colonial and Victorian just for starters. Great inspiration...


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